August 9th: Galler Praline Blanc

Kcal 564 Fat 35.8g Fat(sats) 19.6g Carbs 54.5g (per 100.0g)

My slow procession through Galler's (website See HERE) filled chocolate bar range shows no signs of coming to a halt, thanks by and large to their own willingness to kindly ply me with samples (hurray!!). Over the course of 2010, Galler have not only won a fan in myself, but also the rest of my family who always seem to conveniently be on hand whenever a Galler parcel delivery needs signing for. One of the Galler bars that has featured quite prominently amongst reader requests is this Praline Blanc offering, which consists of 'white chocolate with a praline filling'. Having tried a few teasers so to speak in their Ballontin of Pralines selection box, I was certainly expecting alot from this particular bar.

This Praline Blanc can in the usual Galler filled bars setup with the 70.0g constituents split into four overly large sized blocks. If you look at my photos above you will notice that the bar didn't make its way too me in the usual A-spec fashion, I will have to blame this on the weather which as most of you will know here in the UK has been searingly hot over the last few weeks. Putting it's slightly misformed shape aside, the presentation was every bit as I expect from Galler. The chocolate blocks especially looked very tempting indeed with the dark coloured beige filling looking plentifully portioned within the snow white coloured chocolate. Straight out the foil wrapper the bar didn't have the strongest of aromas, though as soon as it was cut in to a thick, strong hazelnut smell managed to raise my anticipation that little bit more.

After a good few hours in the fridge, the chocolate managed to miraculously retake it's original shape so the all that was left to do was the obligatory taste test. After cutting the blocks into manageable mouthful pieces, my ever willing family and I shared the bar over some post lunch coffees which proved to be a very suitable occasion. The outer white chocolate was the first element to come to the party and was fast at establishing a smooth, flowing milk based set of flavours. The taste of the white chocolate was sweet, but it maintained a decent balance and the background hint of vanilla grew in stature as the taste developed. Sat below the chocolate the praline filling was pretty special tasting, and somehow managed to feel softer than the silky chocolate that coated it. It wasn't the strongest in it's hazelnut emphasis, but it had a pleasant amount of woody nut flavours, and the creaminess only further went to enhance that of the exterior chocolate. If I had a criticism about this bar it would be that I think it could have done with a bit of roughness in the texture of the praline centre, just to make the flavours grip that little bit more. Both the chocolate and the praline filling were both so smooth and fast in melt that their actual mouth longevity was pretty short lived, which is an issue that could of been solved by making the filling feel more substanstial.

Overall this may not be Galler's highest scoring bar on ChocolateMission this year, but it still a very accomplished praline based white chocolate offering. I have remarked this on several reviews in the last few months but the point is worth reaffirming yet again that Galler are very, very accomplished when it comes to the quality of their white chocolate. Yet again it provided a delicious exterior for the inner filling, and was even given the seal of approval from my father who is really not a fan of chocolate of the white kind. The praline filling below was perhaps not perfect but it was still exceedingly tasty with it's super smooth melting hazelnut flavour delivery. Although now having tried several of Galler's praline chocolates, I'm still a little none the wiser as to which of their chocolates is the best type to coat their praline recipe. One thing I can say with great confidence though, is that if you like your white chocolate and praline products this is up there with some of the best of them. It may not beat Hotel Chocolat's Praline White, but by my reckoning it's still very much worth a try to see what you think for yourself.

8.3 out of 10