September 13th: Galler Biscuit

Kcal 538 Fat 36.9g Fat(sats) 19.5g Carbs 43.2g (per 100.0g)

Having touched upon Galler's alcohol filled bars last week (See HERE), I today return to checking out yet another of their dark chocolate offerings. This review today was requested by ChocolateMission reader Robert, who was curious about this Galler Biscuit chocolate given his love for Ritter Sport's Butter Biscuit bar. In terms of proposition, this Galler Biscuit differed only very slightly from the Ritter Sport equivalent in that it had a dark chocolate coating instead of a milk chocolate one. On the wrapper the bar came described as simply 'dark chocolate with biscuit filling', with the proportions being 66% dark chocolate to 33% biscuit.

Normally at this point I have to try and think up a different way of saying 'this bar came in a 70.0g form', though this one actually only weighed 65.0g. Presentation wise everything was as good looking as normal with the wrapper as immaculate in design as any other from their range. I have grumbled many a time in the past about the size of the Galler blocks, though the problem was none more evident here as each of them needed biting or cutting in to because of their hard filled centres. Releasing the chocolate from it's inner foil wrapper, the bar emanated some pleasant smelling cocoa scents that had hints of nut and cereal.

As I have mentioned above the size of the blocks meant this bar wasn't the most practical to eat on the move so I took my time enjoying it after a few evening meals accompanying after dinner coffees. I always think the best way to consume dark chocolate is by letting it slowly melt away on the tongue, so having to bite in to the chocolate to begin with was never an ideal circumstance. Regardless the 60% recipe was just about as good as always, with the forthcoming smokey cocoa flavours as delicious and full bodied as previous experiences. Sat below this thickish outer shell of chocolate the biscuit felt contrastingly hard in the mouth and retained a decent crunchiness despite the moist melting chocolate. In terms of taste I felt the biscuit element was perhaps not as flavoursome as it could of been. The toasted wheat and brown sugar flavours did have small notes of almond and hazelnut, which believe me were as good as it sounds, but at times it just seemed to fade in to the background of the taste with the stronger flavoured chocolate. Despite the flavour depth of the dark chocolate, the fast melting nature and lightness of the biscuit meant this wasn't the richest or most satisfying of dark chocolate bars ever.

Overall this was a very pleasant dark chocolate offering from Galler but there were obvious areas where I think it could be improved with just some small adaptions. One thing that I almost taking for granted with nearly all Galler products at the moment is the quality of their chocolate. Across all three types - milk, dark and white, they have some phenomenal chocolate recipes, so it is almost solely down to the quality of their fillings which determine how highly I rate their products. Despite really enjoying this biscuit filling and it showing a lot of promise, I thought it wasn't as good as it could have been. I don't want to carry on about the size of the blocks, but let it be said the issue was even more highlighted with the hardness of the biscuit filling. If I was Galler I would personally make the biscuit element nuttier than it is already - the minor hints of nut that the biscuit was suggesting already almost acted like a teaser for what could have been. At the end of the day I'm sure this is a bar that many people would really enjoy - I know did! It could however be made even better with just a few very basic tweaks.

7.8 out of 10