September 18/19th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 55

SEPTEMBER 18th: Cadbury Wishes

'Milk chocolate star with textured milk chocolate and truffle centre'
Kcal 165 Fat 9.9g Fat(sats) 5.8g Carbs 17.2g

Just like last week I'm going to disrupt the usual style of '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' with a mini post about these new Cadbury Wishes. Last weekend I couldn't quite believe it when my eyes became fixated on a set of shelves bearing Christmas products in Tesco. Just one week into September and the supermarkets are already three months ahead of the rest of us - unbelievable huh!? Nestled in and amongst all the standard fair Cadbury Roses and Nestle Quality Street tins, these new Cadbury Wishes were shouting out for me to give them a try. You may recall earlier this year that I posted an article in a previous '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' which told the PR story behind the concept of the product.

To keep this review short and succinct I can straight off the bat tell you that these Cadbury Wishes are quite simply Cadbury Wispas moulded in to the shape of stars. Is this a bad thing!? Well no, not really! The packaging looked very smart and there was obviously no expense spared with the thick gold foil wrapping material which gave the product exceptional stand out. The inner chocolate star was pretty awkward to eat given it's large size and crumbly contents, however I couldn't really begrudge this given the concept of the product.

When it came to taste it served up exactly the experience I was expecting. Being Cadbury milk chocolate it was sweet and milky in taste and delivered all the usual Cadbury chocolate pleasantries - there was no differentiation between the taste of the outer chocolate and 'truffle centre which came described on the packaging'. Compared to a Wispa bar the inner aerated texture half wasn't quite as well implemented given the thinness at which it melted. The bubbly sensation created was apparent, yet just not quite as profound and ultimately pretty short lived.

Overall I don't think I will be stocking up on these for myself during the run up to Christmas, but at the same time I would be more than happy with the thought of gifting them as a small present for a friend. A dosage of Cadbury Caramel or some sort of nut praline would probably have livened up the 'truffle' portion of this Cadbury Wishes quite nicely, though I guess this would add to the complexity of the production and significantly lower the contribution they could make to charity. It's not a must try product for it's quality but at least you can feel happy in the knowledge that a portion of your monies is going to a good cause.

7.4 out of 10

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