September 21st: Nestle Black Magic Classic Favourites

Kcal 144 Fat 6.5g Fat(sats) 3.3g Carbs 20.1g (per 3 sweets)

After trying my luck with the dismal scoring Nestle Dairy Box last month (See HERE), a number of ChocolateMission readers suggested that Nestle's Black Magic Classic Favourites might be a little more to my liking. Despite having never tried this selection box before, a little research (notably from the Nestle website HERE), revealed that it was first produced back in 1933 and the product gained such a loyal fan base that there was high demand for it's return when it got taken out of distribution during the early 2000's. A full history of the product can be read HERE if you are interested - for the sake of the length of the review I will move on to the more important matters at hand.

This selection box cost me £3.75 from my local Tesco and contained 18 chocolate pieces split by six varieties, including a 'selection of caramels, wholenuts and fruit cremes'. The outer packaging was ... well ... sensible given the name of the product, which is more than can be said for the relaunch of the product during the mid 2000's when Nestle chose to do so with a white coloured box!? What were they thinking!? Inside a clear menu showcased the chocolates, which have to be said looked reasonably differentiated from one another.

Summing up the chocolates below wont take me long for reasons that will soon become apparent. One thing I can say, which was applicable to all of them was the terrible quality of the chocolate. To be frank it was bland, tasteless and devoid of flavour. Now I'm fully used to mass produced 'dark chocolates' not being as fully flavoured, or renowned for their high quality ingredients versus higher end market offerings, but this dark chocolate was simply awful. It smelt of little, tasted of less and was basically just unsatisfactory .... I bet you can tell these ratings below are going to be great :D

Raspberry Parafait - We might as well start off with the worst of the lot. Unless I'm forgetting something anything obvious, this is the worst individual chocolate I have ever tasted in my life. In addition to the awful chocolate, the raspberry fondant was disgustingly fake and artificial tasting, and had no 'real' sense of raspberry flavouring about it. Awful.

Almond Crunch - This piece wasn't helped by the fact that it was mostly constituted of the dark chocolate. The almond pieces were so small they failed to generate and sense of nutty flavours of note, which altogether just made this a bland tasting, rough textured chocolate. Very Poor.

Orange Sensation - This wasn't a particularly great tasting chocolate, but it was far nicer than the inedible raspberry fondant piece. Compared to the Fry's Orange bar the fruity flavours weren't quite as juicy and the chocolate was even poorer quality. That said it was one of the passable ones of a bad selection. Standard.

Whole Hazelnut Praline - Seriously someone has to look into how these manufactures are getting away with their labelling of praline! The softer filled centre was just as flavourless as the chocolate that surrounded it, though this chocolate had one redeeming feature in it's whole hazelnut that sat in the middle. The nut flavours generated were still minimal but compared to some of the others this was at least palatable. Poor.

Dreamy Fudge - The best of a bad selection! The chocolate surrounding this piece was thankfully at it's thinnest so the fudge was the main focus of the taste. It wasn't the best quality fudge I have ever tasted, but it was fair and the buttery, cream hinted taste created was the nicest thing about the whole selection. Standard.

Caramel Caress - I have tried many great caramel flavoured chocolates in my lifetime but this certainly wasn't one of them. The caramel felt adequately soft and runny in the mouth, but it offered very little taste wise aside from a sharp burst of sugary flavours. It had no butter or salt flavours to offer, which in my book made it more of a syrup than it did a caramel. Very Poor.

Overall this review isn't going to be help me out dispelling the myth that I'm secretly anti-Nestle, but I have to tell it like it is, and this was nothing other than an extremely poor box of chocolates. Perhaps I'm just living on a completely different planet to the loyal fan base, but from what I tasted this was simply just a collection of poorly flavoured pieces that had some seriously bad dark chocolate coating them. The one piece that really stood out to me was the Raspberry Parafait - I can't see how anyone alive (or dead!) could get any sort of enjoyment from such a fowl, artificial tasting fondant. I don't want to write too much more because I would rather spend time writing reviews about products that I enjoy. If you have your own views on the Nestle Black Magic Classic Favourites I would love to hear them - don't be afraid to argue your point if you think differently.

4.6 out of 10