September 23rd: Galler Cafe Liegeois / Praline Lait

Another day, another two Galler products to review :D One thing I have to commend Galler for is there willingness to listen to what ChocolateMission readers want to see. The two Galler flavours I am reviewing today are both bars that were requested by readers over the last few weeks, I just really hope you all aren't growing tired of the Galler reviews, believe it or not there are still a few bars that I have in my stash to write about.

After receiving some recent *ahem* 'feedback' about the amount of coffee flavoured chocolates appearing on the site in the last few weeks, I decided I couldn't possibly post another one without combining it with something else, so today you get two Galler reviews for the price of one. The products stealing the ChocolateMission limelight today are these Cafe Liegeois and Praline Lait 70.0g offerings, which you will find on the Galler website priced at £2.60 each (got the pricing information in for you there Richard haha!).

Both these bars are yet more variations from Galler's small filled bars range, so it wont surprise you to see the packaging aligned to many of the other fabulous looking Galler products recently featured on the site. The oversized blocks aside, I hope you will agree that both looked wonderfully tempting, with the fillings of each appearing plentifully portioned and nicely differentiated in colour from their outer chocolate portions. Below are my thoughts on each.

Cafe Liegeois - Kcal 474 Fat 27.3g Fat(sats) 16.9g Carbs 51.5g (per 100.0g)

As you will have guessed from the name and in most likelihood in the photograph this was the coffee flavoured chocolate I made reference to above. This particular bar may look exactly from the Galler Cafe Noir (See HERE) but it came described as a slightly different 'dark chocolate with milk coffee filling' proposition.

There probably isn't any more I can say about Galler's 60% dark chocolate recipe without repeating myself so I suggest you head to previous Galler reviews if you wish to read my extended thoughts on it's rich and flavoursome cocoa led taste. Focusing more on the filling, I was never that confident I was going to enjoy it more than Cafe Noir as Im sure guys are all aware of I prefer my coffee strong. These expectations were subsequently proven correct with the taste proving to have a far sweeter flavour stance than the Cafe Noir. The coffee flavouring was still forthcoming and very detectable, however underlying fruity notes gave the taste a somewhat intriguing sweetness. This may sound a little odd, but on reflection I thought the fruity sweetness was far preferable to a sugar derived alternative.

Overall given the choice I would personally go for the richer tasting Cafe Noir bar - I'm sure that wont be surprising news to anyone. However, whilst that is my preference it wouldn't surprise me at all to hear that those who like sweeter coffees may find this Cafe Liegeois a far more suitable proposition.

7.7 out of 10

Praline Lait - Kcal 567 Fat 37.1g Fat(sats) 20.4g Carbs 52.3g (per 100.0g)

Unfortunately I wont be giving away prizes for guessing what this particular flavour consituted of - 'milk chocolate with praline filling'. This review was requested by readers after my review of the Praline Blanc back in August. That bar scored a very decent 8.3 out of 10 on the ChocolateMission rating system (See HERE) and is one well worth checking out if you are a fan of white chocolate.

Shifting focus on todays bar, this particular variation was formed of the very same praline filling but with the obvious adaptation of an exterior 30% cocoa recipe milk chocolate. In regards to the taste I thought this particular combination worked every bit as well as it did for the Praline Blanc and even a little bit better. The taste established at the start of each mouthful was full of cream and sweet cocoa flavours which left a long lasting, pleasurable chocolate flavour impression in the mouth. Despite the milk chocolate melting with an infinite smoothness, it was upstaged by the luxurious feeling praline filling below which felt like silk on the tongue. Like I said in the Praline Blanc review, the praline wasn't perhaps the 'best in class', but the cream rooted, woody hazelnut flavours were still simply delicious.

Overall I know this must be tiresome to hear but I again can only send praise in the direction of Galler for crafting an absolutely superb praline offering. As much as I loved the Praline Blanc this Praline Lait was better suited to my own taste - the milk chocolate coating was simply a phenomenal pairing with the great tasting praline centre. A must try for praline fans.

8.5 out of 10