September 29th: Galler Inventive Amandes Grillees

Kcal 560 Fat 38.1g Carbs 43.0g (per 100.0g)

I couldn't possibly let a whole week go by without featuring some sort of Galler product on the site now could I? My poor postmen again had to struggle to my door this week carrying a heavy parcel, his back must be hurting what with all the chocolate samples I have received off Galler recently. Contained within my latest sampling selection, this Galler Inventive Amandes Grillees was yet another bar requested a review by ChocolateMission readers. The Galler Inventive range is a line of bars that come with a somewhat cheesy descriptor line of 'creative, generous chocolates, discover new sensations'. This Amandes Grillees is just one of the offerings, and came billed as 'nuggets of toasted almond coated in a mix of rich chocolate and dried fruits' - I was excited to see what it could offer.

The 'Inventive' range forms part of Galler's larger size chocolate bar offerings and came in a 100.0g form that I shared with a few of my other family members. Being their ever reliable selves, the packaging and presentation was all first class. The premium looking wrapper was supplemented by an additional cardboard piece and thick foil wrapper to ensure the chocolate stayed in immaculate condition. I hope you will agree looking at my photograph above that the chocolate cut an appetising look, with the white chocolate outer portioning contrastingly nicely with the much darker filling which contained an abundance of almond pieces. Aroma wise I was possibly expecting the nutty scents to be a little stronger, though I found it understandable that the chocolatey smells were not exactly the most forthcoming given the white chocolate constituents.

If you have peaked already at my rating and construction of the scoring chart, you will have noticed that there must have been something fundamentally wrong for the product to have scored so lowly. If I can quickly refer you back to the product description supplied on the wrapper - 'nuggets of toasted almond coated in a mix of rich chocolate and dried fruits', I think the majority of you would agree that it wouldn't have been wrong to expect a fruit and nut type experience with this chocolate. To the surprise of myself and every member of my family that tried this bar this wasn't to be the case at all. Starting off with what turned out to be one of the only positives to come out of the bar, the white chocolate outer coating was up to the usual high quality standards of Galler produce. It was balanced in it's sweetness and produced a delicious array of cream and vanilla flavours that created a very pleasant taste from the outset. Unfortunately what sat below was by no means up to par with what I have come to expect from Galler. The inner praline centre had a very forthcoming bitterness which I can only theorise was generated by the almonds. I understand the almonds were supposed to be toasted, but I think whoever in the factory was in charge of toasting them may have done so for to long, as they created an overriding plethora of burnt nut flavours. Unlike stated on the wrapper, the bar also didn't contain any dried fruit content, so there was nothing to detract attention from the unpleasantness created by the nuts. I'm sure that this chocolate was fine to eat, but neither myself or my family went back for more after sampling a few blocks each.

Overall this is the first post of it's kind - a review in which I use the words 'Galler' and 'deeply disappointed'. This Galler Incentive Amandes Grillees was simply not up to the usual standards that I have come to expect from this wonderful Belgian brand. The bar not only failed to deliver what it promised in regards to the lacking dried fruit content, but also it was still poor in the execution of what it did actually have to offer. The white chocolate as ever was very palatable and very much to my liking, however this bar fell down in all other aspects of the taste and texture test. The toasted almond nuts were burnt and not cooked properly which subsequently spoilt the taste. What also didn't help too much was the fact that the almond pieces were jagged and small in size, which meant that the mouth feel of the chocolate melting wasn't altogether that pleasant either. At the end of the day, the less probably said about this bar the better - there are way too many other Galler products for us to preoccupy ourselves with, just check the archives (See HERE).

5.6 out of 10