September 3rd: Galler Heritage Lait Pleine Saveur

Kcal 573 Fat 39.0g Carbs 46.5g (per 100.0g)

Galler claim their Heritage range is comprised of the 'The Great Galler Classics', and having had such a wonderful experience with their Heritage 85% Noir bar last time around, I certainly wont be one to dispute this description. My conclusion in that previous review had me stating that it was a "very accomplished and tasty dark chocolate" and that "it was best summed up by one of my colleagues who described it as 'proper chocolate'". After being so overwhelmingly positive about their dark chocolate capabilities, it came as no surprise to me that Galler were rather keen to send along some more of their Heritage bar offerings. The bar being featured today is this Lait Pleine Saveur bar, I believe that translates into 'Full Milk Flavour'.

Quelle surprise this bar came in a 100.0g size that was split into nicely sized chunked blocks. As I hope you can tell from the photos, the presentation was certainly up to the usual impeccable standards. A few commenter's on the last 85% Noir bar made remarks about the inappropriateness of the pink tab used at the top of the wrapper - there were no such problems here with as there was a better suited dark red rouge colour adorning this Lait Pleine Saveur variety. The chocolate blocks themselves were once again a marvel to behold, with their glistening branded surfaces supplementing the delightful chocolatey scents reaffirming the fresh nature of the chocolate at hand. It has to be said that Galler really do seem to be masters at presenting their products in the correct fashion, they always give the sense that they are a cut above most other market offerings.

If you have skipped over my gushing at Galler's presentation standards, and just want to know how the thing tasted then you have come to the right place. Speaking as someone who writes almost a review a day, when it comes to chocolates that stand out from the rest, the ones that tend to do so are the ones that have naturally distinctive flavours that develop over the course of the tasting experience. Very few milk chocolates tend to tick both boxes for me here, but ones that do range from the cheaper market offerings such as Dairy Milk and Galaxy, all the way up to the more premium brands such as Zotter and Hotel Chocolat. As if it was ever in any doubt this Galler Heritage Lait Pleine Saveur proved it self to fit in nicely alongside those other premium brands - it was simply delicious. In texture and melt it was thinner than the likes of Dairy Milk etc, but it was equally as soft and caressing as any milk chocolate I have tried before. It's transition from a hard to soft state coincided with the most delightful releases of different flavours, with the taste instantly occupied by a cream based cocoa rooting as soon the chocolate began it's melting journey. As the blocks gathered warmth and slowly ebbed away, the most delicious of caramel notes developed in the taste giving the forthcoming milky cocoa influences a well rounded, smooth flavour edge. These caramel notes were simply divine, and made the taste so amazingly moreish. Despite the richness of depth of flavours, I simply couldn't help myself reaching for 'just one more block' - milk chocolate at it's best.

Overall there is nothing else to say other than milk chocolate simply doesn't get much better than this Galler Heritage Lait Pleine Saveur. Since I have started this site I have progressively become more and more appreciative of dark chocolates that have far greater cocoa content then this 34% cocoa bar. This particular Galler offering however has served a timely reminder that milk chocolates can offer just as much flavour wise - the taste was just as complex as anything else I have tasted in the last few years. Just as I said above, every great chocolate needs to have distinctive qualities about it to make stand out from the rest of the market. The unique factor of this chocolate were the sweet caramel flavour advances during the mid progression of the melt. Believe me you have to taste it for yourself to fully appreciate how amazingly they complimented the creamy cocoa flavours, for me personally they made this one of the tastiest milk chocolates I have ever reviewed. It has been a long time since a product has scratched the surface of the ChocolateMission leaderboard but this product slots right in there alongside the caramel offerings in second position. If you appreciate top quality milk chocolates you need to try this Galler Heritage Lait Pleinie Saveur.

9.4 out of 10