September 4/5th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' Edition 53

### Jim's Corner ###

Hi All,

After two weekends of special feature reviews I thought it best to give you an update what is happening behind the scenes.

First off I want to congratulate the winner of last weeks Ritter Sport Schokocreme competition ... Emily Hutchinson from Harrogate, who correctly guessed that the bar weighed a mighty 250.0g! A sample on the bar is en-route to you now Emily. Everyone else thanks for all the entries, please keep an eye out for more competitions running next week.

If you happened to miss my review of the Galler Heritage Lait Pleine Saveur on Friday be sure to check it out HERE. I can't recommend that milk chocolate enough, it was one of the finest bars of chocolates I have had across the last three years (hence the score of 9.4 out of 10!). It's a review not to be missed!

This week I have received parcels from Hotel Chocolat, another from Germany, as well as box full of different Pocky flavours. I hate to sound my own horn but there are some great reviews coming up this week. I hope you all continue to visit and add your own opinions to my reviews.

Have a great weekend


News from the chocolate market

* Fancy paying £600 for your own crafted chocolate coin?? Hmmm me neither ... See HERE

* Ever heard of Summerdown? Nope I haven't! They have some new chocolate mint thins coming out though ...

* Kraft are looking at technologies to make wrappers that avoid chocolate bars melting ...

* Old news this but Divine have an 85% dark chocolate bar out there on the market now ...

* McVitie's have cut the calories and redesigned the wrappers of Penguin biscuits ...

* Cadbury continue to come up with interesting ways to engage consumers with their Spots V Stripes campaign. They are asking you to 'challenge an Olympian' this week ...

* There are some new flavours of Galaxy hot chocolate hitting the marker ...

* Hershey have appointed a new sales director for a big push in Europe ...

Have I missed something this week? Please share the story with us ...

Posts from other blogs I enjoyed this week

* TheImpulsiveBuy - This had me cracking up. Marvo got in touch with his feminine side with Nestle's Women's Wellness Hot Cocoa Mix ... See HERE

* GiGi Reviews - I saw these in a supermarket in the UK only a few days ago! It seems that Pringles are pushing their multigrain crisps worldwide as Gi also reviewed them in the US ... See HERE

* Rodzilla Reviews - Keep your eye on this site it's great! ChocolateMission friend Rodzilla reviews local resturants, ice cream, candy - just about anything really! ... See HERE

* CandyBlog - Candy queen Cybele posted her review of the Ritter Sport Summer Editions 2010 :D Come on Cybele keep up with the times haha! Great review - the photos put mine to shame ... See HERE

* Sugar Pressure - The guys over at Sugar Pressure did a great job comparing the original Clark bar with the new Dark variant. I want to try the Dark one now for myself ... See HERE

* Foodette Reviews - I've had a few run ins with tea flavoured chocolates before, Jess was similarly not so impressed by the majority of these ... See HERE

Review - Revisited

This is a new feature I'm looking to run each week. It is pretty common that I get a lot of e-mails/comments that disagree with my scoring and write ups of particular products. In these cases where I find this to be a recurring phenomena, I will give those products another try. This week we go all the way back to 2008.

Green & Black's Butterscotch - See HERE

I've updated my write-up and my photographs to make for a more coherent review, but I still stick by my original thoughts with this one.

If you know of a product that you think I have over/under played drop me a comment or an e-mail. You never know ... it could be the next Review - Revisited :D