September 6th: 'Bits n Bobs' Biscuit Chocolate Bars # 4

Today my 'Bits n Bobs' posts continue with me taking a look at yet more chocolate biscuits suggested to me by.

Offerings today come from Fox's Biscuits, McVitie's and a certain celebrity chef who has his own line of chocolate wafer bars. Once again your thoughts and requests are most welcome so please share them.

McVitie's Gold - Kcal 115 Fat 5.5g Fat(sats) 4.7g Carbs 11.5g

'Crunchy biscuit bar with a caramel flavour coating'

If the rules were strict on this site these McVitie's Gold bars wouldn't actually be worthy of a ChocolateMission review, as they don't actually contain any cocoa content. Not to be perturbed by this, I was still happy letting them have their 5 minutes in the spotlight - especially when I found them on a 'better than half price' 85p deal in my local Tesco :D In terms of packaging and presentation I have always liked the look of Gold bars. The wrappers are very typical McVitie's, but they are nicely in keeping with the premise of the product, whilst the bars are also suitably decorated with the Gold logo placed on top. For those with no experience of these McVitie's Gold, I can quickly inform you they serve up one hell of a sugar rush. Taste wise the caramel flavour exterior sets a milky taste, though it is soon dominated by the sugar content which is laden in both the coating and inner biscuit. As the years pass I seem to appreciate Gold bars less and less. Like Caramac, the occasional bar is fine but I don't they aren't a product I would suggest you buy regularly.

6.8 out of 10

Fox's Echo Mint - Kcal 126 Fat 6.6g Fat(sats) 4.0g Carbs 12.1g

'Mint chocolate with a crunchy biscuit base'

After reviewing the original milk chocolate variant in my first B&Bs chocolate biscuit reviews there was little chance I was going to get away without reviewing the mint variant. After a little bit of searching of my local supermarkets I was finally able to find a pack of all places in my local Waitrose (I thought they would have been way to high brow for Echos!), where £1 of my money bought me an 8 bar multipack. Packaging wise they looked almost identical to the original variant apart from the implementation of a green secondary colour as opposed to the normal blue. The bars themselves similarly looked little different aside from the slight tinge of green in the upper filling portion of the product. Since I had some of the original Echo bars knocking around I decided to do a side-by-side comparison, and there was a clear winner. The supposed 'mint flavoured' centre of these bars were poor, and came across as mild toothpaste as opposed to the fresh, real tasting peppermint I was hoping for. The Mint bars retained many of the good things about the originals, but the actual mint element was frankly pretty bad! My conclusion is that Fox's Echo Mint are hard to find for a reason ... because no one wants to buy them. If you want my advice I say just stick with the originals if Echo bars are your thing.

6.2 out of 10

Ainsley Harriott Caramel Delight Bars - Kcal 122 Fat 6.0g Fat(sats) 4.6g Carbs 15.3g

'Crisp wafer with chocolate flavour filling, caramel topping and milk chocolate chips, coated in Belgian milk chocolate'

After reviewing the McVitie's Taxi last month, it was suggested that I give Ainsley's Caramel Delight bars a try. After a quick search in Waitrose I found a seven bar multipack for the reasonable price of 99p. Now, If there was ever an innovator of celeb endorsed foods I think Mr Ainsley Harriott would be in with a great shout of being one of the first to market. Despite seeing this trend grow across several of different food categories in the last few years (David Beckham even has a range of ready meals you know!!), Mr Harritott remains one of the only celebs to have his own brand of chocolate bar offerings, and from what I can remember they have been around for quite some time. As you will see from his product description, Ainsley thinks a lot of his Caramel Delight bars :D - having now tasted them for myself I would do little to disagree with the man! The Belgian chocolate coating had a nice flavour depth, and the taste was noticeably smoother in it's sweet cocoa flavour delivery compared to the standard of chocolate you get from bars like Taxis and Drifters etc. Sat below, the wafer offered a similar experience to a Kit Kat, with the malty wheat flavours positively enhancing the experience. Unfortunately I can't be quite so positive about the caramel layer, which I felt was pretty lacklustre in terms of it's impact on the taste. Although the caramel didn't quite deliver in line with the other constituents, I still on the whole enjoyed these bars, and I would probably buy them again in the future. If you are looking for a wafer based biscuit bar that has superior chocolate to the average market offering this is one well worth a look at.

7.7 out of 10