September 8th: Lindt Fioretto Zabaione

Kcal 124 Fat 7.0g Carbs 13.0g (per 1 praline)

Sorry all but there are no points or prizes being given away for guessing where this product came from today :D Yes Indeed these Lindt Fioretto Zabaione were sent to me directly from Germany via my good friend Franzi who has been helping me keep right up to date with the latest German products. If we all rewind our minds back to July 2009 you may remember me casting the ChocolateMission ruling across a number of flavours from this Fioretto range. If you take a look HERE you can see my reviews of the Lime, Cappuccino and Chocolate Mousse variants - all of them scored relatively decently but it was the Chocolate Mousse Fioretto which stuck out as best in class. Back to the focus of today's review, I can inform you (via WIKI) that Zabaione is an Italian dessert made with egg yolks, sugar, a sweet wine (usually Marsala), and sometimes whole eggs - it is basically a very light custard. This sounded like an interesting flavour combination to me - I was just hoping it was going to prove to be better than Ritter Sport's attempt at a similar advocaat flavoured chocolate.

I received these Fioretto chocolates in a 138.0g box that contained six very sizeable pieces within. The presentation of both the box and the inner pieces was nicely done and very decorative, showing of the flavour theme with both on-pack illustrations and appropriate discriptors. As nice as everything looked I have to say the Fiortetto chocolates weren't the easiest things to eat. Size wise I preferred the smaller mini Fiorettos that I sampled last year - these big truffles were cumbersome and caused a bit of a mess when bitten into. Size issues aside the Fioretto looked phenomenal with the inner cream coloured filled looking particularly appetising and plentiful in it's portioning. The smells coming from the chocolates were also very alluring, with a mixture of sweet chocolate and dairy influences mixed in with some minor boozie scents.

On the box these came billed as 'pralines with Zabaione truffle fillings, covered in rice cereal and milk chocolate'. Starting with the exterior rice and milk chocolate layer, the thick shell broke with a definitive crispness and was forthcoming in setting a kind tasting milky cocoa taste that melted with a thick double cream like texture - delicious! Surrounding the Zabaione filling, a richer tasting soft chocolatey praline layer further accentuated the cocoa flavours setting up the sweeter flavoured centre just perfectly. Just as it appeared the Zabaione filling was butter like in texture and melted with a very fast smooth feel on the tongue. The flavours established were remarkably variable and progressive, with the development starting out like a very creamy sweet custard, before then evolving into a vanilla hinted dessert wine like taste. As I noted above, eating one of these was a bit of a messy experience, but just one was fulfilling enough for a small, great tasting snack.

Overall I can't imagine that these Lindt Fioretto Zabaione would be to everyone's taste but I really enjoyed them, as did the other members of my family who got to give them a try. As soon as I tasted them I was instantly reminded of 'Snowball' advocaat drinks that I sometimes have at Christmas. Unlike the previous attempt at this flavour combination I had tried from Ritter Sport, I thought the Zabaione/Advocaat filling was executed a lot better with the cream and alcohol flavours balanced nicely with neither taking precedence over the other. One thing that you can almost guarantee with Lindt is that the chocolate that coats any of their products is going to very nice, and this was again very much the case here. I have to admit I didn't care much for the inclusion of the rice cereal into the exterior shell as it added very little to the taste, but admittedly it did bring a crunchy element to the smoother textures being offered by the other constituents. I don't think these Zabaione Fioretto were quite as nice as the Chocolate Mousse Fioretto, but I would still recommend them if they take your interest and I would consider buying them again.

8.5 out of 10