October 14th: Chocri 'Jim's Coffee Creation'

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

I'm sure you will have seen several sites on the chocolate blogosphere featuring these guys before, but if are yet to come across the Germany company Chocri please allow me to introduce them to you (website See HERE). Chocri are a German company founded in 2008 and they have recently expanded their operations in to the US & UK in 2010. The idea behind Chocri chocolate is simple - you log on to their website and construct your very own chocolate bar choosing from a wide variety of different chocolate bases and additional ingredients. The possibilities and combinations you can make are quite simply endless, you can literally create any bar you desire. Over a year ago I was contacted by Chocri in Germany, however only recently took them up on their kind offer of letting me create some of my own bars. Today I'm showcasing you 'Jim's Coffee Creation' ... come on it wasn't like I was ever going to make a chocolate bar without coffee being involved somewhere :D

'Jim's Coffee Creation' consisted of a dark chocolate base with 'bourbon vanilla, mini biscuits, coffee beans, cappuccino chocolate drops and macadamia nuts' and came in a bar that I would guess weighed in at around the 100.0g mark. All three of my creations (yes another review to follow!) came in a single parcel from Germany that included a decent amount of padding and wrapping to ensure everything arrived in tip top condition. Presentation wise I was pretty impressed with the chocolate at hand. The exterior generic packaging was decorated with it's own 'Jim's Coffee Creation' label, which included details of the ingredients and a handy code for reordering. The bar itself was similarly impressive, with the constituents well dispersed throughout the chocolate as well as some blocked grooves on the underside to aid breaking it apart.

Taking the chocolate out of it's plastic sleeve it was nice to met with a promising set of fresh smelling chocolate and coffee scents that set my expectations of the taste to follow really quite high. As you will have seen above I chose a dark chocolate base for this particular 'Jim creation' and I learnt on the back of the packaging that this was a 64% cocoa recipe. In terms of quality the dark chocolate was of a fair to decent standard that I would say was most comparable to that of Moser Roth. I wouldn't say it had the depth of flavour of the likes of Lindt's 70% recipe or any of Hotel Chocolat's dark chocolates, but the unsweetened cocoa flavours were flavoursome enough and had undertones of acidic fruitiness. Just as the smells suggested the coffee element was pretty soundly implemented, with the beans and chocolate drops bringing intermittent bursts of mild coffee flavours to the party. The whole macadamia nuts and biscuit constituents were similarly well dispersed throughout, though both were more notable for the differentiation they brought texture wise rather than the strength of the minor nutty and buttery offerings they added to the taste. My only real mistake with this bar was my choice of the vanilla ingredient, which generated an unnecessary artificial sweetness to the aftertaste. This was extra silly of me given the inclusion of vanilla in the chocolate base already - woops!!

Overall my first impressions of Chocri are that the potential and possibilities they offer are just slightly ahead of the end quality they deliver. The idea of creating your own chocolate bar is almost like a dream for any chocoholic and judging from this bar alone they try to create that dream using ingredients of a more than fair standard. Speaking from the experience of having tried several other brands, I wouldn't say the dark chocolate they offered here was of the highest standard, though in a way the laid back flavours of the chocolate were well suited given that it was the flavours of my added ingredients that I wanted to come to the fore. The vanilla aside I was pretty happy with my choice of additives. None of them particularly sparkled in my eyes, but the coffee taste generated was decent enough and the biscuit and nuts were pleasant if just a little passive flavour wise. Looking at the Chocri website, had I purchased this 100.0g bar myself it would have cost me £5.50 before postage - a hefty price tag. The novelty of creating my own chocolate bar was fantastic, but had this been a bar of chocolate I bought from a shelf I would probably have been disappointed for the price. There are a few more Chocri 'Jim Creations' to follow - I wonder if they will fair any better?

7.4 out of 10