October 15th: Terry's Chocolate Orange White Chocolate Smasher

Kcal 132 Fat 7.2g Fat(sats) 4.3g Carbs 14.5g (per 25.0g - 3 segments)

It's still a good nine weeks until Christmas, but kicking off my Christmas 2011 reviews this year we have a limited edition offering from one of the true British classics - Terry's Chocolate Orange. The supermarket shelves adourning the Christmas chocolates, biscuits and nuts have been stacked for weeks now, and sitting right in amongst everything at Tesco I found this 'White Chocolate Smasher' variety. Last year you may remember that I took a look at Terry's Chocolate Orange Snowball and awarded it a semi decent 7.9 out of 10, classing it as a 'surprisingly good quality mass produced white chocolate'. This 'Smasher' version came billed as pretty much the same product, however with the addition of 'colourful crystal pieces'.

Like all Terry's Chocolate Oranges, this variety came in a 170.0g form that was split in to 20 individual segments. The presentation was .... well colourful to say the least. The outer cardboard box was decorated with some puzzling symbols and icons including boxing gloves, love hearts and butterflies (not too sure what that was all about), but it looked pleasant on the eye nonetheless. Unwaravelled from it's foil wrapper the traditional chocolate orange segmentation was further decorated by the promised 'colourful crystals'. On one hand I thought they looked interesting, but on another I also didn't quite feel like they fitted with the cult classic Terry's look.

Most the time white chocolate doesn't really smell of too much so it was unsurprising that it was just a mild set of orange smells emanating from the chocolate. It's pretty likely that the majority of my loyal readers will already know what I'm going to say about this particular chocolate. Yes indeed my conclusion was that the crystal candy pieces were an uncessary addition, but let me take you through the experience anyway :D . Upon placing the first piece in my mouth I was met with a sweet orangey, milky set of flavours that developed a pleasant vanilla note once the smooth melt had picked up pace. As the chocolate melted the crystal pieces came in to play, roughing up the texture before being left as remanants once the surrounding chocolate had disappeared. Crunching down on the remaining candy pieces, a rush of sweet flavours left a rather generic sugary taste in the mouth. Given the sweetness of the chocolate already, I didn't find this a welcome addition to the taste at all. Resultingly this wasn't a chocolate I felt like I could eat in any great quantity.

Overall I was disappointed, yet not overly surprised with what I thought about this seasonal offering my Terry's. Last year when I tried the Terry's Chocolate Orange Snowball I was fully expecting to find the white chocolate to be cheap tasting, overly sugar laden, mass produced rubbish (not mentioning any names *ahem* Cadbury Dream *ahem*). As you will have read that, chocolate by all means exceeded my expectations - it wasn't the best white chocolate I have ever tasted, but it did well to compliment the fruitiness of the orange. The only hope I held out for this 'White Chocolate Smasher' variety was that it was going to add bit of colour to the affair, whilst not detracting either taste or texture. Unfortunately by my accounts I thought it hampered both, making the aftertaste searingly sugary, and ruining the feel of the soft melting chocolate with it's jagged, sharp edges. Unless you are buying this for sugar hungry kids I wouldn't recommend it.

6.9 out of 10