October 16/17th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 57

### JIM's Corner ###

Hi All,

It has been an extremely active week on the site with a record number of contributions from readers :D Keep it up please it is always great to hear from you.

Today '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' takes a slightly different form - starting off with my ramblings here, a bit of chocolate news, and then lastly a special look at a Hotel Chocolat Halloween special.

This week I had over 10.0 kg of chocolate produce arrive from several different companies .... it must be nearing Christmas time eh!? All I can say is be on the look out for more reviews from Hotel Chocolat, Ritter Sport, Kschocolat, Heavenly Cakes and more crazy Japanese chocolates all coming very soon.

I have come so over burdened with chocolate as of late I will be running yet another Twitter based competition for some free chocolate this week. Keep a close eye out for that - See my Twitter feed HERE.

Have great weeks and please keep on adding your opinions to the site. It makes it all the better if it's not just myself rating and talking about these products.


News from the chocolate market

* This Marmite chocolate story has certainly been receiving a lot of coverage ... See HERE

* If you like the Galaxy Bubbly you will be pleased to hear it is being made in a bigger size ... See HERE

* It's been chocolate week and I have failed to attend any sort of event ... See HERE

... luckily some of my twitter chums at Chocablog, ChocolateReviews, ChocolateEcstasyTours have all been doing the rounds at several of the events. Check out their sites for some amazing coverage.

* Green & Black's have made their mini bar selection even bigger - See HERE

* Thanks to CM reader Thea for this one ... the V&A museum in London has a chocolate themed exhibition on ... See HERE

* Thorntons own brand stores are starting to struggle, this is what happens when you spread yourselves too thinly chaps ... See HERE ... let's just hope their Christmas range delivers the goods ... See HERE

* Here is an interesting report by Datamonitor which documents the rising sales of chocolate in the recession ... See HERE

* Please tell me this is a joke ... Cadbury already talking about their 2011 Easter range ... See HERE

* If you like chocolate truffles this will tickle your fancy ... See HERE

* Lastly .... Chocolate is good for us ... the latest story from the Daily Mail ... See HERE


You may have noticed that my Halloween reviews started earlier this week with my review of the Hotel Chocolat Little Box of Horrors (See HERE). Well given the wide range of Hotel Chocolat's Halloween this range this year I wouldn't possibly have the chance to give each them a full separate review, so over the coming weeks I will quickly showcase the ones I think are most deserving of your consideration this year on the end of my weekly '7Days...' posts.

This weekend I've picked these Hotel Chocolate Boo! White Chocolates. These were pretty much identical to the original milk chocolate BOO! I featured in 2008 (See HERE), though with the obvious adaptation of being made of white chocolate. The Boo! package weighed in at 180.0g and contained 16 'ghoulish pieces' including Bewitching Bats, Scrummy Skills and Tasty Tombstones. The shapes were not only fun looking and well crafted, but the 31% milk solids chocolate was also about as delicious as white chocolate comes. With the taste heavily rooted in a rich creamy milkyness, there were additional notes of honey and bourbon vanilla which made for a naturally progressive and incredibly moreish overall experience. Hotel Chocolat simply know what they are doing when it comes to white chocolate, so if you want your fill this Halloween I highly recommend these. Just please don't go wasting them on pesky tricky or treaters.

8.4 out of 10

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