October 23/24th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 58

### Jim's Corner ###

Hi All,

There are some extremely busy times coming up on the site in the next few weeks so '7 Days of Chocolate Reviews' is a little shorter this week.

Thanks again to all of my readers who added their contributions this week - we had some lively debates going on about the Cadbury Dead Heads as well as the future direction of Thorntons after a pretty dysmal offering in the form of their Delightfully Soft Caramels.

In the upcoming week there will be appearances from Chocri, Hotel Chocolat and of course a 'Bit's n Bobs' post. I hope you enjoy those reviews and contribute your thoughts to them.

Have a great weekend. Remember you can keep up to date with all things ChocolateMission on the Twitter feed HERE.


News from the Chocolate Market

* Chocolate guru Paul A Young has launched a new wine inspired chocolate ... See HERE

* A few of you have noticed Cadbury are updating some of their wrappers - check out the new Cadbury Timeout one ... See HERE

* Thanks to CM reader Karen for this one ... Magnum have launched some new mini liqueur chocolates ... See HERE

* Mars have released a pretty boring report about cocoa growing ... See HERE

* As reported by Phil earlier this week Thorntons are releasing a new desserts range ... See HERE

* How old school ... Vienetta is being brought out in a new Choco Nut flavour ... See HERE

* Even the BBC are at it ... Chocolate is good for us ... See HERE

* Fancy £35K a year to taste chocolate? Apply to Green & Blacks ... See HERE


Just like I did last week with my mini review of the Hotel Chocolat Boo! White Chocolate, I thought I would give you all a nudge in the direction of Hotel Chocolat's Halloween range for this year. Having reviewed so many of their products that are made by their 40% milk chocolate I didn't think I could quite eek out a whole review on this Best Dressed Milk Chocolate Vampire, but below are the collective thoughts from my family.

I hope you will agree that the Best Dressed Vampire certainly lives up to his name :D Unlike some of the other grosser looking Halloween themed products I have featured in the last few days *ahem* Cadbury Dead Heads *ahem*, we thought this vampire milk chocolate shape looked both attractive and well crafted. The solid milk chocolate vampire came in a 150.0g form so there was plenty for us all to share around. In my opinion Hotel Chocolat's 40% milk chocolate is utterly delicious, and there are few brands out there that can match either the depth or deliciousness of it's cocoa and cream flavours. Seemingly the rest of my family would agree, as despite the large size our Best Dressed Vampire was completely devoured within 24 hours :D If you like your milk chocolate and want it with a Halloween twist then you can do little wrong with the Hotel Chocolat Milk Chocolate Best Dressed Vampire. He comes with a ChocolateMission seal of approval - just make sure you gobble his white chocolate bow tie before anyone else can nab it :D

8.5 out of 10

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