October 26th: Chocri 'Jim's Fruit & Nut / American Creations'

Just over a week ago I featured a brand called Chocri on the website for the very first time (missed it? See my review of my 'Coffee Creation' HERE). If you are in need of a quick reminder, Chocri are a company that offer a chocolate customisation service that allows consumers to put together their own chocolate bars using over 100 different ingredients.

As you will have seen on my last review I was pretty impressed with the standard of presentation and the effort that Chocri put in to making my bars look presentable and appetising. It is worth noting that each of the bars made by Chocri are handmade - they don't yet have a machine that can pump out these customised bars you know ;) I say they are all the better for it - look at how magnificent and colourful both my 'Fruit & Nut' and 'American' creations looked.

Chocri 'Jim's Fruit & Nut Creation'

'Jim's Fruit & Nut Creation': Milk chocolate with banana chips, hazelnut brittle, mango cubes, pistachios and Goji berries.
PRICE - £6.00

I was really excited about trying this bar in particular as it included several ingredients that both me and the rest of my family loved (banana, pistachio and mango in particular!). Speaking firstly about the milk chocolate, my thoughts about it were very similar to the conclusion I came to about Chocri dark chocolate. It's sweet milky taste was very undefinable and not particularly special in an manner, but it did the job of carrying the ingredients to a sound if uninspiring standard. As you will see in my photograph Chocri did a great job of dispersing my added ingredients across my bar, making sure that each portion got a suitable amount of each enhancer. What with their size, it probably wont surprise to hear that the banana chips came through strongly in the taste, adding a pleasant crunchiness to the blocks where present. Both the Goji Berries and mango cubes were similarly flavoursome, but these flavours only really came through once they had been chewed in the mouth after they had been left as remnants by the chocolate. The disappointing elements were unfortunately the hazelnut brittle and the pistachio nuts, as neither managed to stamp any sort of nuttiness on the taste. Ultimately this rendered my 'Fruit & Nut Creation' more a very sweet fruity milk chocolate lacking in nutty credentials. Overall this was nice enough, but not quite the full experience I was hoping for.

7.5 out of 10

Chocri 'Jim's American Creation'

'Jim's American Creation': White chocolate with organic salt pretzels, sprinkles, gummy bears, peanut butter drops and soy bacon.
PRICE - £5.10

"Soy Bacon? ... Soy Bacon???? ... are you serious??" Haha that is exactly what my family said when I showed them this one :D I've been accused of taking chocolate a little too seriously with my reviews so I thought I would have a little fun with my 'American Creation' here. To be honest I wish I hadn't of tried to 'liven' up my chocolate by taking a page out of Mr Zotter's (See HERE) book and adding the bacon in. As amazing as the chocolate looked decorated with it's gummy bears, sprinkles and pretzels, I knew I had made a terrible mistake as soon as I took the thing out of it's plastic packet. Upon doing so my senses were immediately met with the most fowl of scents that I later likened to a pet store (think dog treats!) ... yep that bad. With one hand pinching my nose I did brave tasting the chocolate, but it unfortunately tasted every bit as bad as it smelt. Whilst the combination of the white chocolate, gummy bear, sprinkle elements made for an immediate rush of dairy based sugar flavours, the taste was almost straight away dominated by a fowl, smokey, reconstituted meat fake taste. Quite frankly the soy bacon totally ruined this bar and I had to throw more than two thirds of it away. I think it was best summed up by my father who said 'one block was enough' ... indeed!

4.5 out of 10

Have any of you tried Chocri yet? What would creations would you make?