October 29th: Cadbury Mini Rolls Selection

Just over a week ago I brought you all my thoughts on some of the latest Halloween themed cake bars and mini rolls to hit this year (See HERE). In that review the Cadbury Trick or Treat Blackcurrant & Vanilla Mini Rolls won me over as the best out of the selection I tried,and I stated that 'Without doubt these are the nicest Cadbury Mini Rolls I think I have ever had'. This statement led many ChocolateMission readers to contact me saying that I had in actual fact only ever reviewed the original Mini Rolls anyway (See HERE), so it wasn't the strongest of statement I have ever probably written.

In order to right this wrong I decided to give some of the other variants in the Mini Roll range a shot at the ChocolateMission rating system. This brings me nicely on to todays post, which sees me do just that. Below are my thoughts and scores for the Double Chocolate, Caramel and Strawberry Jam flavour variations.

Cadbury Mini Rolls Double Chocolate:
Kcal 120 Fat 6.2g Fat(sats) 3.1g Carbs 12.3g
'Chocolate flavoured sponge with a chocolate flavour filling, covered in milk chocolate'.

These Double Chocolate mini rolls came branded with a 'special edition' tag on the exterior packaging, which I believe signifies the fact that they are only available in Sainsbury's supermarket. Aesthetically they looked the least exciting out of all three variants, with the dark coloured cream filling unsurprisingly looking little differentiated from the other exterior constituents.

Despite not winning the battle of the looks, when it came to the taste they were superior to the rest I tried for todays review. Compared to the originals, and both of the variants you will see below, I thought that cream filling was the nicest tasting and was the most balanced out of all of those variants. The inner chocolate cream had less of a sugary emphasis than the rest, and more made the sweet chocolatey flavours richer and more pronounced rather than the more sugar focused alternatives. I have no idea how long these will be hanging around for, but I would buy them again.

7.4 out of 10

Cadbury Mini Rolls Caramel:
Kcal 130 Fat 6.1g Fat(sats) 3.3g Carbs 14.1g
'Chocolate flavoured sponge with caramel flavour creme and caramel filling, covered with milk chocolate'.

Unlike the Double Chocolate flavour above these Caramel flavoured Mini Rolls had a pretty tough competitor product in the form on the McVitie's Mars Mini Roll. In terms of constituents, the Cadbury Caramel offerings was almost exactly the same, however if you compare and contrast my photos of the Mars version with the one abovve you will see that the caramel portioning was far less in the Cadbury product.

When it came to the taste this unfortunately proved to be to the Cadbury Mini Roll's detriment. The exterior chocolate, chocolate sponge and inner creme established a comparable experience to the Double Chocolate flavour, however the little suggestion of caramel running through the centre failed to create a worthy impact on the taste. Unlike the majority of Cadbury Caramel products (Standard Bar - See HERE, Cake Bar - See HERE) the caramel did little aside from advance the sweetness of the taste, which was disappointing given the usual buttery flavours it develops. These were fine but I wouldn't buy them again.

7.0 out of 10

Cadbury Mini Rolls Strawberry:
Kcal 125 Fat 6.0g Fat(sats) 3.0g Carbs 14.0g
'Golden sponge with strawberry jam and a vanilla flavour filling covered with milk chocolate'.

After my largely successful experience with the Blackcurrant & Vanilla Mini Rolls in my Halloween cakes post, it was requested by several readers that I try out the 'legendary' Strawberry flavoured variant. Presentation wise it was noteworthy that this variant came with golden sponge cake and emanated a very sweet fruity smell when released from it's plastic packet.

Before writing the review for today I hadn't eaten a strawberry flavoured Mini Roll for a fair few years. The reason for me always choosing a plainer or different flavoured variety has always been based loosely around the belief that the strawberry jam makes the taste too sweet. For once my assumption proved to be reality, as I did indeed find that fake tasting fruit jam took the over the chocolate and sponge constituents, and creatied a very sickly, sugar based taste. Compared to the Blackcurrant and Vanilla Mini Rolls, the fruityness came across as more artificial, and even more so the vanilla creme felt less well portioned which was a further letdown. These weren't at all horrid but I can't see myself buying these again in the future.

6.5 out of 10

So there you have it - all Cadbury Mini Rolls reviewed! Which ones are you favourite?