October 30/31st: 'Bits n Bobs' Halloween Superpost 2010

'7Days of Chocolate Reviews' takes a rest this week as I thought it more appropriate to post up some mini Halloween chocolate reviews to get you all in the mood for this weekends festivities. Todays reviews include harrowingly rubbish M&S chocolates, a quick stop off at Thorntons, a Cadbury Screme Egg and lastly the long awaited return of J-List to ChocolateMission with two of their own Halloween specials!

I hope you enjoy the reviews - please tell me what you will be giving away or buying for Halloween this year!!

Marks & Spencer Freaky Faces

I went on a big shopping trip to London last weekend and found myself in need of a quick sugar fix to restore my sapped energy levels - M&S to the rescue!! I bought two 60.0g bags of these solid milk chocolate 'Freaky Faces' for £1.50 (normally 99p each) - rather costly I thought for a product so small. Whilst the thin foil layers were decorated with some rather ugly looking faces, what lay below were just plain, undecorated milk chocolate egg - did M&S have some left over Easter stock?

Did they do the job boosting my short term sugar craving??? ... yes they did? Did they taste of good quality milk chocolate ... oh god no! The chocolate was about as tasteless as they come, and it was bland, flavourless and waxy in melt. M&S are generally better than this, don't be fooled into going anywhere near these this Halloween weekend.

3.6 out of 10

Thorntons Halloween Lollipops

It would have been nice just to have touched upon a few more the offerings from the Thorntons Halloween range this year, but I'm only guy and there is only so much gimmicky chocolate a person can take! Step forward these Halloween themed chocolate Lollipops :D

On the same shopping trip above I decided to venture into Thorntons to see if they had anything of interest. These fun looking Halloween shaped lollipops caught my eye - small (28.0g), cheap (£0.50)and cheerful ... why not :D The milk chocolate skeleton shape I tried was tasty enough, the cocoa flavours were relatively mild but it had a smooth milk rooted taste that I thought was relatively tasty. My shopping accomplice chose the white chocolate ghost and was less impressed - 'grainy feeling, sugary and sickly' were her words of choice.

7.0 out of 10

Cadbury Screme Egg

What do you do if you have a recipe that works? Well if you are a FMCG confectionery brand you stretch it as far as it goes! Indeed for the first time ever this year we now have Screme Eggs! These Screme Eggs are quite simply the usual Cadbury Creme Eggs that we get at Easter time, but with a green coloured filling. As far as I'm aware these are only available in Asda for £0.50, thanks so much to ChocolateMission reader Ria for sending some along for me to feature on the site.

So what can you expect from a Screme Egg? Well I can safely say you are in for no surprises. The chocolate was it's ever tasty milky, sweet Cadbury self, whilst the filling was the most sugary fondant goo you will likely ever come across .... culinary excellence - No .... nostalgic wonderfulness - oh yes!! I do love the odd S/Creme Egg but Cadbury are on course for over extending one of their greatest creations!

8.3 out of 10

Lotte Toppo Halloween

After a blazing hot summer in Japan our friends at J-list have finally replenished their chocolate products on the site and they have some great new treats to share with us from the crazy folk in the Far East. Last week I was the lucky recipient of a brand spanking new box of samples - included in which were these Lotte Toppo Halloween.

As with all Japanese products these Toppo were decorated with the most fantastic looking packaging you can imagine. Bright colours, appetising pictures and of course pumpkins 'a-go-go' for these Halloween themed chocolate sticks. Whilst they looked superb and genuinely had me excited I was little underwhelmed to find that these were simply just the original milk chocolate Toppo with no other differentiating factor aside from the cool looking packaging. Thankfully all initial disappoint was soon washed away when I reminded myself just how tasty these chocolate filled biscuit sticks were. Mikado and Pocky fans beware - these are equally as tasty but every bit as moreish.

7.7 out of 10

Glico Pocky Pumpkin

No Japanese products for months and then two come along at once :D These Glico Pocky Pumpkin flavour sticks have been top of J-List's best sellers for a good few weeks now (See HERE). I wont try to pretend like I understood a word of the Japanese writing on the packaging, but it clearly showcased that they were Halloween themed and they were unmistakeably pumpkin flavoured with their bright orange colour.

It's hard to pin down and describe exactly what sort of flavours were involved here, but the outer orange coating was creamy with a sweet note of butternut squash. This may sound wrong and totally out of the ordinary from what you might want from a confectionery product, however it just simply worked. The combination of the sweet coating and savoury biscuit sticks made for a typical moreish Pocky experience. If you tried the sweet potatoe Kit Kat before and found that to your liking then you will love these Pocky Pumpkin.

7.7 out of 10