October 7th: Werther's Original Caramelts

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ???

Back at the start of the year in February Storck brought three new chocolate based products to market in the form of their Werther's Original Milk, Dark and Caramel Chocolates. Six months now down the line, Storck then announced the launch of a new variant for this range called Caramelts (See article HERE). On the packaging these came described as 'caramel flavoured candy confections'. Now before any of you start asking why these are being reviewed on a chocolate review site, I can tell you that they did have some cocoa content in them - so you can save yourselves the effort there haha! Despite being made in Germany and only just making it to the UK market in the last few months, Cybele at Candyblog.net has already given her perspective on these - I would suggest a wander over there for a second opinion (See HERE).

As with the other previous three variants these Caramelts came in a 125.0g bag that contained around twenty or so individually foil wrapped pieces. To be honest had I not been on the 'look out' for these in the shops I'm not sure I would have been able to pick them out from the other existing 'Caramel' variant, as the packaging does look very similar. That point aside the pouch looked attractive, though I had further reservations when it came to the inner pieces, which I thought were a little dull in colour. Given the ingredients list already (more on that later) it probably wouldn't have hurt to have brightened them up a bit just to make them look more attractive. Whilst they weren't the most good lucking candy ever, they did smell pretty tempting, and there were forthcoming caramels scents wafting from the pouch as soon as it was opened.

One glance at the leaderboard will tell you that I am in every sense a caramel fan, so I was looking forward to seeing what these had to offer. Cast your minds back to my reviews on the original three variants in February you will have noticed that I had a few issues getting used to the odd texture of all of those products - I'm sorry to say this was again the case with these Caramelts. Apologies for taking this review down a bit 'science' route but a glance at the ingredients list provided real insight as to why this was. From the top: sugar, vegetable fat, high fat milk powder, whey powder ... the list goes on. Now I'm sure we are all aware that several of our most famous products here in the UK (Cadbury Dairy Milk for example) contain vegetable fat, but I'm 100% confident it would be nothing like the levels in these Caramelts. I'm not one for normally getting overly fussed about ingredients, but the waxy, greasy melting sensation these created was just not to my liking at all. The creamy caramel taste had a pleasant butteryness smoothness to it, but the pieces had such a short lived longevity I didn't ever feel like they were satisfying in any manner.

Overall despite being fully prepared for the textural sensation this time around I still just couldn't get to used to it and felt it was just as detrimental to these Caramelts as it was the previous three variants I had reviewed. What I find so disappointing about all of these offerings from Storck is that if you look at the scoring charts for most of them, the only place they really fall down is in the texture and sustenance criteria, with one very much being a consequence of the other. When it comes to the packaging and the taste of all these products they are all relatively decent offerings of a sound to good quality. Unfortunately just like the others, the texture and mouthfeel of these Caramelts just couldn't be overlooked, and it did ultimately sap my enjoyment of these. If you are a real Werther's Original fan then you should probably still give them a try, but I can't give them any sort of recommendation.

6.5 out of 10