October 8th: Galler Praline Aux Noix

Kcal 549 Fat 38.3g Fat(sats) 20.2g Carbs 45.0g (per 100.0g)

After reviewing both of Galler's white and milk chocolate praline bar offerings it would have been just rude of me to not to go full circle and take a look at their dark chocolate praline option. To set the context, in my review of the Galler Praline Blanc I commented that it was 'a very accomplished praline based white chocolate offering' and dished out a very worthy 8.3 out of 10. A few weeks later I then took a look at the Praline Lait, which managed to supersede the previous Blanc offering earning itself a 'must try for praline fans' commendation and an even superior 8.5 out of 10 rating. Having tried both of those phenomenal bars you can imagine my excite at trying this Praline Aux Noix - this was one I kept all to myself :D

This 70.0g offering came with a slightly differentiated proposition from the aforementioned hazelnut based praline bars, with the on-pack description making reference to a 'walnut praline filling' accompanying the dark chocolate. Aesthetically the bar looked every bit as glorious as any other Galler product I have reviewed previously. The wrapper communicated the premium nature of the brand expertly with it's fine black stylishness, whilst the chocolate was certainly intriguing with it's well portioned filling studded with small nut fragments. Aroma wise the mood was suitably set by the plethora of nutty cocoa scents that emanated from the inner foil wrapping - I could tell this one was going to be a real treat.

As I mentioned above this wasn't one of the bars I shared out amongst any colleagues, friends or family. I wanted to savour this one all to myself, and I ended up eating it across a number of days accompanying my after dinner coffee. Briefly speaking about the outer dark chocolate, it was of a magnificent quality, and full of rich tasting balanced cocoa flavours that progressed wonderfully along the passage of it's soft flowing melt (read more extensive thoughts on Galler's 60% cocoa dark chocolate - HERE). Focusing more on the filling on offer I thought it was absolutely delicious, though admittedly it wasn't quite the perfection I dreamed it might be. The inner filling managed to cut through the strong tasting chocolate, though compared to the other praline bars the taste wasn't quite as strong or long lasting. The main reason for this being so, was because the leading flavour influence was still woody hazelnut, which was somewhat surprising given the walnut billing. Rest assured the praline filling was still very tasty, but I did want something more from the walnut constituents which whilst evident in texture, lacked a definitive influence in the taste.

Overall this was a near impossible chocolate to score due to it being both delicious, yet still a tad disappointing. Having now reviewed in the region of twenty Galler products, I'm already taking for granted how consistently well the brand presents it's products. Everything about the packaging and crafting of the chocolate shows high expertise, and the inner product once again proved itself to be more than a match. The dark chocolate praline combination was a strong synergy of ingredients with the 60% chocolate laying down a rich cocoa flavour base for the nutty praline to enhance. My only real gripe with this particular offering derived from the walnut constituents, which on the balance of things didn't create the impact on the taste that I desired. Having now consumed the bar, I'm a little unsure why Galler felt the need for change from their original hazelnut focused praline. As proved by the Galler Praline Blanc & Praline Lait, the hazelnut praline was already strong enough to occupy the space - in the grand scheme of things the walnuts were perhaps not even necessary. It sounds silly moaning about a chocolate that was so enjoyable but perfection is what Galler should strive for. Trust me, they aren't far off.

8.3 out of 10