October 9/10th: 'Bits n Bobs' Miscellaneous German Selection

7Days of Chocolate Reviews takes another rest this week as I would like the opportunity to publish some product reviews that have been hanging around in my posting queue for way to long. The 'Bits n Bobs' assortment today includes a selection of products hailing from Germany - I hope you enjoy these mini reviews and photographs.

Have a view on one of these products? Please leave me a comment with your thoughts ...

Wiebold Confiserie Choconova Truffelpralinen-Mischung - Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Wiebold are a German chocolate manufacture who are based in Hamburg and who were founded in 1968. They are chiefly known for their handmade praline truffles and thanks to ChocolateMission reader Susie I today got a chance to try some of them.

Below are my thoughts on the three different truffles ...

Milk Chocolate Kaffee Marocchino - (Top Picture) - This piece my second favourite in the selection. The milk chocolate that coated the inner truffle was nicely flavoured and established a friendly milk based. Once the crisp outer shell was bitten in to the smooth yet viscous truffle centre was revealed upon where the volume of the cocoa was turned up with just a small hint of coffee. If I had my own way I would have made the coffee come through stronger. Very Good.

Dark Chocolate Toffee - (Middle Picture) - Without doubt this was the finest of the lot and I would go as far as saying it was one of the best truffles I have ever had. The dark chocolate that coated the piece was pretty good and established a decent unsweetened cocoa taste but it was really the toffee layer that sat between the outer chocolate and inner truffle that really made this so special. This layer of toffee delivered sweet buttery caramel flavours to the taste, whilst the inner truffle further reaffirmed the cocoa flavours of the outer chocolate. Superb.

White Chocolate Vanilla - (Bottom Picture) - Of the pack consisting of eight chocolates this was the flavour that was unfortunately portioned twice. Inconsistent probably sounds like an odd word to describe a truffle but the two truffles simply didn't taste the same. One was packed full of cream and bourbon flavours, whilst the other was pretty much flavourless. Suffice to say I enjoyed one immensely, the other not so much. Standard.

Overall I have to say I was pretty impressed with my first encounter with the Wiebold Confiserie brand. As I have alluded to in the above paragraphs I still think they have several of part of their marketing mix they can improve - the packaging would really be a good place to start! In regards to the actual chocolate they produce I have very little to moan about - especially when it comes to their Toffee and Kaffee Marocchino truffles. Minor issues aside these were a very accomplished set of truffles; I will definitely look to try more Wiebold products in the future.

8.0 out of 10

Moser Roth Mini Pralinen Kugeln - Kcal 35 Fat 2.3g Fat(sats) 1.4g Carbs 3.3g (per chocolate)

As Moser Roth have proved in the past, good quality, cheap chocolate can be found if your looking in the right places so today I decided to take a look at their Mini Pralinen Kugeln chocolates which came described as 'milk chocolate filled with chocolate mousse and vanilla-bourbon truffle filling'. The outer packaging to me looked pretty damn good and I thought it managed to look pretty premium with its glossy finish and not not overly garish use of gold colours and fonts. inside the bag contained about 20 or so chocolates, each of which were tightly wrapped in their own branded plastic wrappers. As you can see above when split in half the chocolates looked pretty cool with the distinction between the mousse filled half and the vanilla filled half pretty evident.

The half filled with chocolate mousse was pretty delightful and just like my previous experiences with Moser Roth chocolate I enjoyed the sweet creamy taste of the outer milk chocolate which lead nicely into the finer, stronger cocoa rooted flavours of the inner mousse. On the flip side however the half which contained the paler vanilla filling was quite frankly horrible and tasted just as bad as it smelt. Unfortunately for me I felt the taste was artificially derived with the filling tasting horribly sweet and sugary with no real cut through in terms of actual vanilla. With the vanilla portion tasting so poor I can't say I found myself reaching back into the bag all that quickly. These were far from awful but I wouldn't overly recommend them.

6.6 out of 10

Leibniz Pick Up! - Kcal 141 Fat 7.2g Carbs 17.0g (per biscuit)

Following on from my review of the Prinzen Rolle last year, over the last five days I have been tucking into these Leibniz Pick Up! In regards to proposition these varied very little from the aforementioned in that they constituted of two biscuit pieces sandwiching a chocolate cream layer.

My main gripes with the Prinzen Rolle the last year came two fold; firstly that I couldn't separate the biscuits pieces from the filling and secondly because the biscuits laked a little in the flavour department. In summary these Leibniz cured one out of two of these problems and had a similarly nice tasting chocolate cream at the centre. Where these Leibniz did appear superior was in the strength of the taste I got from the outer biscuits. Just like the Rolle the Leibniz biscuit had a predominantly buttery taste but with stronger malt and wheat flavours. As the biscuit was chewed more in the mouth I also noticed an extra dash of brown sugar that just gave the whole biscuit a longer sustained presence in the mouth. The chocolate cream was pretty much almost identical to Rolle and this was no bad thing. It was smooth and soft in the mouth and gave the desired chocolate flavour hit with its milky cocoa flavours. As I have said above this bar only ticked one of the boxes where the Rolle failed ... so where did it go wrong!? ... yep ... I still couldn't separate the biscuit pieces from the inner chocolate cream. I'm sure biscuit fans will agree this is a very serious issue :D We can't be having this!

7.9 out of 10

Toggenburger Kagi-Coconut - Kcal 582 Fat 38.0g Carbs 54.0g (per 100.0g)

A few months ago I was kindly sent a little packet of goodies from a dedicated ChocolateMission reader called Franzi who lives in Germany. Amongst the selection there were several chocolates from the likes of Ritter Sport, Milka and Lindt etc, but also included was this Toggenburger Kagi-Coconut - a bar described as 'wafer filled with coconut cream, covered partially in milk chocolate'.

I have to admit I was really, really surprised about how much I enjoyed this bar. The actual separate constituents of this bar weren't of this highest quality but together they made for a fantastically variable taste experience and I was very much won over by the this product by the time I had devoured it. I enjoyed both the wafer and milk chocolate elements, but the real stand out part of this bar was the coconut cream which sat right in the middle of each stick. The coconut cream layer brought some fresh tasting creamy nut elements to the taste and delivered them with a fantastic cooling moistness - it was utterly delicious. I wouldn't necessarily say this was a must try but if you ever come across this Toggenburger Kagi-Coconut I can say with great confidence that you wont feel let down.

8.2 out of 10