November 13/14th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 60


Hi All,

Believe it or not we have got through another week of chocolate reviews - if you missed any of them take a look below

* Ritter Sport Orangen-Marzipan - See HERE
* 'Bits n Bobs' UK Chocolate Chip Cookies - See HERE
* Kit Kat Dark Bitter (Japan) - See HERE
* Zotter Strong Coffee - See HERE
* Aero Dark Chocolate (UK) - See HERE

In case you missed this earlier in the week, I have been running a competition on Twitter for one of the elusive Marmite Very Peculiar Chocolate bars (Review HERE). In order to enter the prize draw all you have to do is start following the ChocolateMission Twitter feed and then 'Re-Tweet' one of my reviews from this week. I hope you have all entered - the winner will be announced on Sunday.

Coming up this week we have the long awaited return of Heavenly Cakes, the last Ritter Sport Winter-Kreation bar (with competition!!) and of course some more Christmas goodies from the likes of Hotel Chocolat.

I hope you all have great weeks - please feel free to contribute any news stories I have missed out on.


News from the ChocolateMarket

* Nestle have rolled out some price marked packs across many of their most popular bars - See HERE

* Thorntons have set out their plans for Christmas this year - See HERE

* Forget Christmas ... Nestle have annouced their plans for Spring - See HERE

* Expect to see Terry's Chocolate Orange back on a TV soon - See HERE

* Thanks to Ana for this story ... The price of our chocolate bars could well be on the rise in the coming years - See HERE

* It wouldn't be a week on ChocolateMission without one of these ... Chocolate is good for us :D - See HERE

Have I missed anything? Be sure to share it!

A cheeky little one ...

Morinaga Red Comet Wafer

Kcal 110 Fat 5.4g Carbs 13.3g (per 21.0g)

Just because I thought the weekend wouldn't be the same without something for you guys to have a look over, here is a cheeky little Japanese product review. As you will have probably guessed this was an item sent to me by my pals at J-List.

This Morinaga Red Comet Wafer is described on their website as a 'card pack including a large stick of chocolate cream sandwiched between alternating layers of crispy wafer'. To be quite honest with you guys I think the snack included in this product is a bit of an after thought - I think the hook is supposed to be the 'Principality of Zeon' trading card that is included ... or as J-List put it ... 'an added omake for this shokugan treat is a Gundam trading card' ... hmmm

All of that means nothing to me, but what I am more of an expert in is the quality of the snack. The wafer based product was ... well ... a wafer based snack. It was pleasant enough with it's sweet chocolate cream, but at the end of the day it was generic tasting, unsatisfying and essentially not remarkable in any sense. Unless you are Japanese trading card mad this is one snack you can forget about. Please feel free to fill us in if you are a Japanese anime/trading card guru :D

5.6 out of 10