November 15th: Ritter Sport Vanillekipferl

Kcal 572 Fat 38.3g Fat(sats) 22.9g Carbs 51.0g (per 100.0g)

I hope you are all paying attention today becuase there is a hidden question in todays review that if you answer correctly via leaving a comment, will entre in a prize draw for one of three of the Ritter Winter Kreation bars! Getting things started, I round off my reviews of this winter seasonal range from Ritter with my take on this Vanillekipferl flavour. For those of you wondering what the devil Vanillekipferl is please let my friend Wiki do the honours ... "Vanillekipferl are an Austrian, German and Hungarian small, crescent shaped biscuits. They are usually made with ground almonds or hazelnuts. They are flavored with vanilla or artificial flavouring and have a heavy dusting of powdered and superfine sugar" ... sounds great huh!? Ritter Sport's Vanillekipferl bar came described as 'milk chocolate with a vanilla cream filling with vanilla biscuit pieces' - come on now, this had to be great.

Competition time - I wont be stretching any brain cells here ... what size did this bar come do you think? :D Leave your answer in a comment please. Moving on, the packaging of this bar was like the other two Winter Kreations. It was very easy and passive on the eye, although at first both myself and some of my family members mistook the pictures of the biscuits for cashew nuts (that was before we consulted wikipedia!). Opening up the plastic fold everything was in fine Ritter Sport order, with the 4x4 sixteen block format no different to normal. When broken apart, a pleasant and forthcoming vanilla essence like aroma overcame senses, and further heightened my sky high anticipation in regards to the appetising plentiful look of the filling.

What more could I possibly say about Ritter Sport milk chocolate that I haven't in the past? Probably so I wont :D Suffice to say it did a sterling job again carrying the filling, and it once again provided a satisfying chocolate flavour hit without overshadowing the internal centre showpiece. The sweet milky taste of the chocolate flowed quite delightfully into the softer feeling centre, which was lined with small crunchy biscuit pieces. At first the cream rooted vanilla hinted flavours of the inner cream proved to be quite mild, however at the point of crunching on the small biscuit particles a stronger set of vanilla and slightly salted savoury nut flavours came to the party. The nature of the taste progressing from milky chocolate to sweet and salty vanilla and biscuit was quite frankly delicious and I couldn't stop myself reaching back for more.

Overall this was one of those bars that compelled me every time I put a piece in my mouth - it provided such a roller coaster of wonderful flavours. My whole family was in agreement that this was their favourite from the Winter Kreation range this year, and it was the flavour that got finished well before the other two when we all sat down to try them all. In terms of taste this was a pretty sweet chocolate offering, but even my father who much prefers dark chocolate found himself really enjoying the nuttyness of the vanilla biscuit creme centre. Despite never having eaten Vanillekipferl biscuits before I'm pretty certain than Ritter Sport have got this flavour spot on with what it should deliver. I remember last year lauding over the quality of the Ritter Sport Spekulatius, but this year they have done just as well with this Vanillekipferl offering. This bar is highly recommended - remember to enter the competition above :D

8.6 out of 10

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