November 16th: Heavenly Cakes Lemon Meringue With White Chocolate

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

After a four month absence, Heavenly Cakes are back on ChocolateMission and they return with several new offerings that I will be reviewing in the coming weeks. Indeed, since they last featured on the site they have been working away at developing several varities of new shortbread, flapjacks etc. You many also be inerested to hear that they have created gluten free alternatives for all the cakes in their existing portfolio - a special review of them will be coming soon! Kicking off my latest round of Heavenly Cakes posts, I today tried out their Lemon Meringue with White Chocolate. On the website they describe this as 'light meringue pieces coated in white chocolate, set on lemon curd and all-butter shortbread'.

I recieved this cake in a single serving form which in true Heavenly fashion was more than enough for two. Since I last reviewed some of their products Heavenly have slightly advanced their single serving packaging, and have made the wise decision of adding a cardboard business card to the underside of each cake to provide additional support (thumbs up!). As ever I hope my photos have done the cake justice - it looked fantastic. The sticky lemon curd and flaky meringue made it a somewhat messy experience to eat, however I was more preoccupied by the thickness of each of the layers which made the prospect more appetising than notable for it's messyness.

Lemon meringue pie isn't normally my dessert of choice but everything up until this point was certainly looking very promising. Aroma wise compared to some of the other Heavenly Cakes I had tried previously this cake wasn't the impactful in that regard, yet still offered a decent enough lemony set of smells. Biting in to the cake for the first time, the most immediate source of pleasure came from the interplay of the different textured layers. The light chocolate meringue topping yielded wonderfully into the gooey layer of lemon curd below, whilst the biscuit base was firm yet crumbly at it's centre. Whilst the mouth feel was glorious, the flavours on offer were similarly delightful. A mixture of white chocolate and meringue sounds like a path to a sugar coma, however seemingly no expense was spared on the quality of the white chocolate which was more notable for it's cream based flavours rather than it's sweetness. Sat below the topping, the binding lemon curd provided a sweet citrusy tang which complimented the buttery, salty flavours of the biscuit base quite expertly. The combination of all these layers was frankly delicious and actually lighter and less rich than I was expecting. Shared between two, the 'single serving' was a satisfying amount for afternoon tea.

Overall this was yet another tasty cake offering from the guys at Heavenly, and it was nice to see that their capabilities stretch further afield than I maybe first thought. This Lemon Meringue Pie cake was the first white chocolate offering of their's I had tried, and I have the delight of saying it was every bit as good as any of their milk chocolate cakes. Although I will forever have a preference to milk chocolate based products, I simply loved the white chocolate that they used for the topping here, and I think it worked beautifully with the meringue to produce a full on lemon meringue pie experience. Similarly the synergy created by the lemon curd and biscuit elements was just as wonderful, and made for a cake that was refreshlingy fruity, yet equally indulgent. If you like lemon meringue pie than I simply can't recommend this cake enough to you. A sweet tooth is required to fully enjoy this offering, but white chocolate fans should also seriously be considering this as a cake they need to try.

8.0 out of 10