November 17th: Green & Black's Almond / Hazelnut & Currant

I have always openly admitted that Green & Black's has never been a brand that has managed to stir a great deal of excitement inside me. In fact at one point in late 2009, after reviewing the Green & Black's Cherry bar I even went as far saying that I wouldn't ever buy one of their chocolates again. Well since that time I have slowly crept my way through the rest of the G&B range (all of the reviews can be found HERE). After doing a little back tracking through the archive, I last week noticed that I was in actual fact only missing two flavours to complete a full set of reviews .... so I guessed what I did!

Indeed today I bring you my thoughts regarding the Almond and Hazelnut & Currant flavours, both varieties of which I bought in their 100.0g forms. As you will see below, both bars I bought today were kitted out in the new style Green & Black's wrappers. Saying that you would have been hard pushed to tell that about the Almond variant, which looked unfortunately similar to the old style packaging with it's use of a ghastly brown colour. On a more positive note both chocolates looked very generously portioned in regards to their fruit and nut constituents. The Hazelnut & Currant bar especially stood out with it's vast quantities of light coloured nuts evident throughout the dark chocolate.

So how did did they taste?

Kcal 578 Fat 42.2g Carbs 37.7g (per 100.0g)

Green & Black's Almond - 'Milk chocolate with whole roasted almonds'. This bar proved a little difficult and messy to break into small pieces, though this was understandable given the large volume of chunky nuts (25% stated on the wrapper). Taste wise I found the 37% milk chocolate was fair in terms of flavour strength, however on the whole it was pretty unremarkable. I have commented in previous reviews about the lack of distinguishable or unique taste attributes that G&B milk chocolate has, this was all too apparent once again but luckily the almond nuts were at hand to add a much needed flavour dimension. The almond nuts were buttery in taste and provided just a little more excitement to sweeter, milkier cocoa flavours established by the chocolate. My only gripe with the almond nuts were that they weren't particularly crunchy, and at times I had parts of their outer skin getting caught in my teeth. Overall whilst this was passable, this wasn't a particularly great nut flavored chocolate and I know there are certainly better options out there.

6.8 out of 10

Kcal 558 Fat 36.7g Carbs 40.3g (per 100.0g)

Green & Black's Hazelnut & Currant - 'Dark chocolate with hazelnuts and currants'. Out of the two flavours I was trying out today this was admittedly the one I was more looking forward to trying out. Like the Almond flavour above this bar was similarly hard to break in to smaller blocks what with the considerable presence of the currants (12%) and hazelnuts (12%). Previous reviews have shown that I have tended to score G&B's dark chocolates higher than their milk chocolates but this 60% recipe managed to buck that trend. In contrast to the milk chocolate above, the taste was understandably less sweet with the cocoa more forthcoming in early stages of the flavour development. As the chocolate progressed in melt the taste seem to take more of a citrusy, acidic flavour edge which wasn't particularly to my liking. Had the chopped hazelnuts and sweetness of the currants come through a bit more strongly in taste, I'm sure they would have balanced this acidity. Despite their considerable portioning both the hazelnuts and currants came across as quite underpowered as both struggled to cut through the more dominant chocolate. Overall this chocolate may have looked and sounded the more appealing but it simply didn't reach standards I wanted it to in the taste test. I wouldn't buy this flavour again.

6.4 out of 10

So there you have it ChocolateMission fans - all Green & Black's flavours covered off with two more uninspiring varieties. Neither of these bars were the greatest, but at least I can know say I have full round perspective of what G&B have to offer.