November 18th: Zotter Coffee Plum with Caramelised Bacon

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

After my experience with my own bacon flavoured Chocri creation last month, you could probably understand my slight unease when this Zotter flavour turned up on my doorstep a few weeks ago. Although Mr Zotter and his team had proven themselves before with their chocolate and bacon combination skills (See Bacon Bits review HERE), my Chocri 'American Creation' (which included Soy Bacon) had ultimately left some mental scars. As much as I trusted Zotter with their bizarre, yet normally quite wonderful Handscooped bar varieties, this 'Dark chocolate filled with coffee-plum-cream abd bacon' was one I approached with caution.

This variety came in the standard Zotter Handscooped format with it's easily sliceable flat bar shape weighing 70.0g. I haven't understood the tongue in cheek humour behind a lot of the Zotter wrappers recently, though I did like the artistic expression of this particular one with the Plum fruit characters 'singing in all their glory' wrapped in streaky bacon coats :D Compared to the average darkly coloured Zotter filling, the lighter brown centre looked remarkable on the eye, and there appeared to be a plentiful amount of fruit and bacon pieces within.

Upon revealing this unique looking truffle centre, several different scents and smells swept over my senses with influences of fruit, chocolate and booze all making their presence felt. The exterior chocolate portion of this bar was exactly the thickness that I had experienced across previous Zotter dark chocolates previously, and the 70% cocoa recipe broke with a delightful fresh crispness when bitten in to. The initial dark chocolate flavours were rich and meaningful in their cocoa expression, and established a firm chocolatey flavour base for the creamier constituents within to build off. Speaking of which, the the plum cream filling sat below was an absolute treat. Despite lacking the promised coffee flavour influence, the centre tasted absolutely divine with the raisin like flavours of the plums noted with a minor suggestion of red wine which really brought a unique taste experience. The bacon constituents of this bar was thankfully an awful lot different to the experience I was dreading. There were no meaty flavours detectable whatsoever, just a pleasant saltyness that contrasted really quite expertly with the more sugar intensive fruity influences. This was a bar that I ate over the course of a few days and was one that I hated the thought of finishing.

Overall I have to hand it to Zotter for crafting yet another bizarre, yet truly fantastic flavour combination. Ultimately this bar proved itself to be every bit as wonderful as it sounded unlikely to work - I mean who in their right mind would ever set out to create a chocolate combining coffee, fruit and bacon!? The answer to that is of course Mr Zotter and his team! Although they didn't quite deliver the coffee element of this chocolate (perhaps a little too ambitious!), the synergy of flavours created by the dark chocolate, creamy sweet plum and salted bacon, created the most fantastic and unique flavour experiences I have come across in a long time. I will happily admit that some of Zotter's weirdest creations in the past haven't always been to my liking, but its becoming apparent that more often than not these guys know what they are doing when it comes to their bizarre bars. If you are ever in a position to try this one for yourself I can give you a whole hearted recommendation to do so.

8.6 out of 10