November 1st: Ritter Sport Nuss in Nugatcreme

Kcal 572 Fat 39.0g Fat(sats) 21.1g Carbs 47.0g (per 100.0g)

Draw breath everyone because the run up to Christmas is going to be a long one! You can expect a tremendous amount of Christmas themed chocolates to be appearing on the site in the next few months, and what better way to get things really going than by looking at one of Ritter Sport's Winter-Kreation seasonal offerings? It simply wouldn't be a calendar season without Ritter coming out with a few new flavours - for winter this year we have yet another three for us all to enjoy. The first one I'm showcasing today is this Nuss in Nugatcreme flavour, which came billed as 'milk chocolate with a nougat cream filling, chopped hazelnuts and rice flakes'.

All three of these new Winter-Kreation flavours come up in the standard 100.0g size aswell as the mini block format for those that prefer their chocolate in more manageable sizes (yes I will be cut and pasting that sentence for the other two upcoming reviews :D ). In terms of presentation its nice to see that Ritter have been a bit adventurous with their packaging for these new bars. My family and I thought they looked suitably seasonal with the on-pack pictures of a frosty winter chalet appearing both artistic and appropriate to the brand. Beneath the plastic foil material the chocolate came presented in the standard 4x4 quadrant, and looked interesting on the eye with several particles evident amongst the well portioned cream centre.

Taking in the aromas being offered by the chocolate the smells were immediately familiar and smelt similar to the Ritter Sport Schokocreme bar I reviewed back in August, but just with some minor suggestions of some sort of nut content. It really wont take me long to describe the taste of this particular flavour because of it's similarity to that aforementioned variant. The outer milk chocolate, chocolate cream and rice cereal all delivered exactly the same experience. The chocolate tasted sweet and milky, with the rice establishing a minor note of biscuity cereal with its crunchy additive textural feel. As I was both hoping for (and expecting!) the small fragments of chopped hazelnut took the flavour development on a stage further, bringing notes of woody nuttyness to each block. It wasn't the most satisfying or rich chocolate I have ever tasted, but a four block portion proved a suitable amount for just a light snack.

Overall this was probably the least exciting sounding flavour in the new Winter-Kreation range so I was unsurprised by the minor sense of mediocrity I felt after eating it. Ritter Sport have created a number of very similar variants in 2010, I have already mentioned the Schokocreme flavour, whilst you may also remember the Haselnuss Krokant which I featured back in April. Discarding the fact it wasn't anything that differentiated from those prior offerings, it was still a pleasant bar in it's own right and the added dose of hazelnut to the party certainly made it superior to the duller tasting Schokocreme. I don't wish to spoil my other two upcoming Winter-Kreation reviews but I can ensure you there are better things to come from Ritter for this holiday period. For that reason alone I'm not sure I would be that keen to buy this flavour again so quickly.

7.8 out of 10