November 23rd: Heavenly Cakes Marathon Flapjack

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Last week ChocolateMission readers saw the return of Heavenly Cakes to the website with my review of their new Lemon Meringue with White Chocolate cake (See HERE). Being the lucky chap I am, this of course wasn't the only cake that Heavenly sent along. Indeed my Betty the Baker also sent me another one of her latest creations - this Marathon Flapjack. On the Heavenly website the Marathon Flapjack comes described as a tempting concoction of 'Peanut butter added to our all-butter flapjack with caramel & Belgian milk chocolate on top'. Betty then begs the question 'does it get better than this?'. Personally I couldn't think of many things that sounded better :D but lets see how it stacked up when it came to the taste test.

Despite the massive excitement I felt before trying this cake, the huge single serving portion once again meant there was more than enough to share amongst two. Aesthetically the cake was every bit as tempting in real life as it looked on the Heavenly site. As just mentioned the cake was positively huge - the lower portion of flapjack base was substantially thick, whilst the milk chocolate, caramel and peanut butter layers looked equally as well portioned. Although there was some peanut butter spillage within the plastic wrapper, the cake was still in immaculate condition despite it's delicate constituents. As soon as the plastic wrapper was breached a gorgeous set of sweet nutty scents literally filled the room. My colleague and I were getting many an envious look from across the office :D

The chances are 90.0% of you guys have already peeked at the eventual score so I wont give this the slow build. This cake was absolutely delicious! Every mouthful was just incredibly tasty, and each different part of the cake played it's role. If I was to have the tiniest criticism it would be that the flapjack base could of offered just a little more than the syrupy oaty taste it contributed (possible room for some additional peanuts here perhaps!?). Regardless, it provided a very tasty base for the product and kept the above layers fused well together with it's firm texture. Speaking of the layers above, just as expected they combined to create the most luxurious of toppings. The saltyness of the peanut butter with the sweetness of the buttery toffee caramel was a synergy you can only dream of. The Belgian milk chocolate placed on the top provided a delicious set of creamy cocoa flavours, whilst the chopped nuts further reaffirmed the nuttyness of the peanut butter leaving a lasting roasted nut taste in the mouth. As you can probably determine this was one very rich tasting cake, though this didn't stop me and my fellow tastee polishing off each of our halves with ease.

Overall I was fully expecting to love this cake and as you can tell by the score I have attributed it with, I certainly ended up doing so. To get a score of 9.0 on ChocolateMission the product has to be something special and this Marathon Flapjack can and be considered exactly that. As you will have read above, the only area I see where this cake could be marginally improved is the flapjack base. Although it was still wonderfully tasty, the minor addition of some extra nuts or cereal could even improve it further - a taste score of 10.0 wouldn't be far off in that circumstance. That point aside the rest of the cake was absolutely luxurious. The mixture of the peanut butter, caramel and chocolate was just to die for - I don't think there is anything more I can say about how tasty it was. The work colleague who I split this with similarly thought it was delicious (I wish I hadn't offered now haha!), and had nothing but praise for the cake as a whole. If you like your peanut butter and chocolate combinations, cakes dont get better than this - very highly recommended.

9.0 out of 10