November 24th: Niederegger Lubeck Marzipan Classic Milk Chocolate

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Up until last year if you had asked me what my favourite marzipan was, I would have answered with a very dead pan face 'I don't have one - it is awful stuff'. This would have been my response up until the day I tried my first Niederegger product that is. Ever since then my opinions have changed somewhat, and have done increasingly so as I have made my way through the numerous offerings in their range. If you have read most of my previous Niederegger reviews before (See HERE), you will be aware that most have gone along the lines of ... 'the chocolate isn't the best, but the marzipan is out of this world'. Please don't get me wrong, the quality of the dark chocolate isn't particularly bad or anything, but I have always felt that it has never quite the done the marzipan justice. Given this matter of fact I was delighted when I was finally able to track down this milk chocolate variety in my local Waitrose - before you all ask it was £1.49 :D

Just like it's dark chocolate coated equivalent, this bar came in a 100.0g format that I ate (with some help grrrrr!) across a few days. Keeping consistent with the rest of the Niederegger portfolio the packaging and presentation was nothing short of superb. The royal blue colour nicely differentiated it from the other varities, yet the gold foil fonts and and clear branding ensured that the prestigious aura of the Niederegger brand shone through. Inside the blocked chocolate was tightly wrapped in a thick foil sleeve that managed to maintain the chocolate in mint condition. Despite the somewhat mild aromas emanating from the bar, the branding and generous portioning of the marzipan filling more than did enough to keep my levels of anticipation high.

Starting off with the marzipan I have to say that it was god awful ... just absolutely, 100% terrible .... haha only joking :D What can I say about Niederegger marzipan that I haven't already!? The doughy, sweet nutty flavours have made me a marzipan convert - if you had told me that a year ago I would never have believed you. Niederegger marzipan has a cookie dough like appeal - it is very sweet, but the buttery, bread like flavours make for an incredibly seductive and moreish taste that just keep you wanting to come back for more. So what was the chocolate like I hear you ask? Well I would say it still wasn't of the highest standard, but it was definitely more to my liking than Niederegger's dark chocolate. Comparing like-for-like, the milk chocolate was more forthcoming with it's creamier, sweeter taste, and had more depth in comparison to the more subtle dark chocolate. Despite this greater flavour generation, the chocolate still allowed the marzipan to take centre stage, which was a positive thing given that the marzipan was supposed to be the star of the product anyway.

Overall I'm sure that it wont come to anyones surprise that I am labelling this as yet another triumph in the world of marzipan for our German friends Niederegger. As aforementioned in the previous paragraph there is probably nothing more that I can say or write to get the point across about how fantastic the quality of their marzipan is. In every single Niederegger review I write, I always bang on about the fact that I am no great fan of marzipan, but these guys continue to prove me wrong. Furthermore, this bar itself has made me think I have to reassess my preconceptions, as I actually found myself liking this milk chocolate variety more than the dark chocolate one which was not something I expected. The standard of the milk chocolate wasn't on the same level of the higher end chocolate manufacturers like Hotel Chocolat or Galler, but I found the cream based taste more exciting than the blander dark chocolate that Niederegger normally offer up. I'm probably coming off as a bit of a Niederegger 'fanboy' here, but I don't think anyone has an excuse not to at least give one of their products a try one day. This milk chocolate bar would be a cracking place to start.

8.7 out of 10