November 26th: Zotter Ginger

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

I think lasts weeks review of the Coffee Plum with Caramelised Bacon left a few readers feeling slightly disturbed, so I thought it best to review a more conventional Zotter offering this week. The flavour I picked out from my sampling box that matched my 'sensible flavour' criteria, was this Zotter Ginger bar. On the wrapper it came described as 'dark chocolate filled with ginger' - it's not like it comes more sensible than that. Dedicated ChocolateMission readers will be aware that dark chocolate and ginger combinations are a favourite of my father, so you can rest assured that his 'expert' (so he claims haha!) views will feature somewhere down the line in the coming four paragraphs.

This Zotter Ginger bar came in the traditional Handscooped bar size of 70.0g (I've lost count how many times I have written that now! haha!). This was of course enough to share with my old man over a nice fresh roasted cup of coffee - which was the only occasion we saw as suitable for consumption of this chocolate combination. I normally lavish praise on Zotter for the quality of their presentation, but the standards of this bar weren't at their highest. Firstly, I again couldn't work out the humour behind the wrapper - nothing changes there! Secondly the wrapper itself contained a misprinted black like down the right hand side (see photo above), which I thought looked rather sloppy. The bar itself was also a little disappointing when it came to it's aesthetic prominence. The chocolate smelt nice with it's heavy cocoa aromas, but wooringly there were no obvious signs of the candied ginger either visually or aromatically.

Although the quality of the product in regards to it's presentation wasn't at usual Zotter standards, this was never going to deter us from the taste test in prospect :D Just as I had experienced many a time previously, the 70% dark chocolate exterior was simply superb, and both my father and I noticed that it was a touch thicker and crisper to the bite than other dark chocolate Zotter bars we had tried previously. Whilst the outer chocolate offered a delightful initial set of roasted cocoa flavours, it wasn't long before the inner truffle creme took hold of the taste due to it's heavy portioning. At this point I would love to say the filling contributed incrementally to the experience, however this frankly wasn't the case. In contrast to the outer chocolate, the centre portion was sweet in it's flavour contribution and added heavy notes of honey and sugar to the taste. Most disappointingly, the ginger was all but absent from the majority of the bar, with only a few small crunchy pieces portioned across it's entirety. When come across, they did bring a fiery spicy note of ginger to the party, but even these were doused somewhat by the sweetness of the rest of the truffle.

Overall both my father and I were left severely disappointed at the quality of this chocolate, especially considering the brand in question. Zotter are normally known for their attention to detail and their ability to fuse some of the most obscure ingredients in to the finest tasting chocolates. Unfortunately these principles seemed to desert them here, as the presentation was sloppy and the flavour theme executed poorly due to the ginger portioning being lacklustre to say the least. On a positive side note the dark chocolate that coated this bar was still of a good standard, but to be totally honest that wasn't too much of a parachute as we had come to expect this from Zotter already. It would be interesting to hear from anyone else who has tried this bar as it could be the case that I got a 'duff' one from the Zotter factory. If the quality is consistent I would suggest looking elsewhere for your chocolate and ginger combination.

6.9 out of 10