November 5th: Oreo Choc Milk

Kcal 113 Fat 5.7g Fat(sats) 3.3g Carbs 14.0g (per Oreo)

Before I start off todays review I must first take the time to thank ChocolateMission reader Ria who very kindly included these in a package with some Cadbury Screme Eggs last week. If you all cast your minds back to Christmas time last year, you might remember that one of the best scoring festive products were the white chocolate covered Oreos that were released in our supermarkets as a limited edition (See HERE). Ever since then I have been constantly on the look out for these Oreo Choc Milk, which you may well have guessed are milk chocolate coated Oreo biscuits. Having had no luck searching for myself for a long while, you can imagine my delight when Ria sent these to me - thanks again :D

I have no idea where Ria managed to obtain these from here in the UK, but the packaging stated that they had been produced in Spain (I've actually had them a few times out there before!). The 264.0g box included 6 individual snack packs, each containing two cookies which I thought was a very sensible portion size. Contained within foil wrappers the cookies were maintained in tip-top condition and looked very appealing on the eye with very thick coatings of milk chocolate. In addition to looking impressive, they all smelt particularly nice and emanated a wealth of chocolatey scents to further entice me.

As previously mentioned this wasn't my first experience with these cookies, so my latest foray with them was more of a reminder of tasty they were rather than a totally new experience. I ate the three snack packs during my mid afternoon coffee breaks at work and was the envy of many of my colleagues who cast me many jealous looks whilst they dipped their boring rich tea biscuits haha! My favourite method of eating these was to dip them quickly in my coffee in order to let the chocolate coating melt slightly. It was best doing this because the exterior chocolate had a somewhat waxy texture that took a while to warm in the mouth and initiate flavour release. Once this was achieved I could have no complaints, it was generically sweet in it's milk based cocoa flavours, but it delivered a substantial chocolate flavour hit even before the lower biscuit and creme elements had been encountered. Like I found with the white chocolate covered Oreo last year, the sweetness of the outer chocolate was simply wonderful when met by the saltiness of the sandwich biscuits below. Further harmonising the delightful textures on offer, the inner creme added moistness to the drier biscuit, whilst also bringing yet another twist to the taste with it's vanilla noted sugary creaminess.

Overall these milk chocolate covered Oreos were every bit as good I remembered them to be, and my only disappointment with them came when I finished my last one. Unfortunately for me now normal Oreo cookies are probably going to taste like they are missing something, as I felt the chocolate coating really added something to the experience despite it being far from the best quality chocolate in the world. Biscuits and cookies can often be very similar and 'samey' here in the UK, but I can genuinely say there aren't any cookies on the market here that offer the same type of experience that these Oreo Choc Milk do. I only hope that Kraft/Nabisco or whoever has the ability to make the decision, make these far better distributed throughout the UK - I know for one that they would be frequently ending up in my shopping basket. I would be really interested to hear from any ChocolateMission readers who have tried these - did you like them as much as I did?

8.6 out of 10