November 6/7th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 59


Hi All,

Another week has passed on the ChocolateMission and to recap we learnt the following ... Ritter Sport love making chocolates with hazelnut in (See HERE), Hotel Chocolat make so damn good chocolate covered fruits (See HERE), Unilever's Marmite flavoured chocolate needs a bit of work (See HERE) and lastly J-List is back on the ChocolateMission map and they have all new Pocky (See HERE).

Thanks for all the comments and inputs this week - they were all as interesting and welcome as ever, please keep them coming. For the '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' post today I haven't had the greatest amount of time to compile all the news stories together. If I have missed anything please be sure to share it. Additionally if you have any product requests for any new or existing products you have seen recently then please feel free to drop me a note.

Next week we have more Ritter Sport, Hotel Chocolat and the return on 'Bits n Bobs' - apologies for the lack of BnB post this week (the Marmite Chocolate skipped the review line!).

Thanks everyone. Have a great weekend and enjoy the firework displays - stay safe ;D


News from the Chocolate Market

* Brace yourselves for the launch of Go*Do Chocolate coming soon to the UK ... See HERE

* There's some more information on the Thorntons dessert range ... See HERE

* Organic food company, Feeding Your Imagination has launched a new range of chocolate bars ... See HERE

* Chocolate and chips anyone? ... See HERE

* Aero is getting a new £1 million marketing push ... See HERE

* Thorntons has appointed Caffé Nero managing director Jonathan Hart as its new chief executive ... See HERE

* Mars this week have showcased their M&M's line up for Christmas this year ... See HERE ... I've already got around to buying a bag of their Christmas coloured M&M's Peanut ... see below

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