November 8th: Ritter Sport Orangen-Marzipan

Kcal 495 Fat 26.3g Fat(sats) 11.0g Carbs 56.2g (per 100.0g)

Today I bring you the second of my three Ritter Sport 2010 Winter-Kreation bar reviews, showcasing this Oragen-Marzipan variant. Last week I kicked off my latest series of Ritter Sport posts by sharing my thoughts on the Nuss in Nugatcreme bar (if you missed it See HERE). This second helping of Ritter winter goodness sounded a little more exciting in terms of it's proposition, and came described as 'milk chocolate with orange marzipan (44.0%)'. As ever the rest of my family were keen as mustard trying out a new Ritter Sport flavour. My father's passion for anything containing marzipan only further made their opinions for this review an inevitability.

Nicking this line directly from my review last week 'All three of these new Winter-Kreation flavours come up in the standard 100.0g size aswell as the mini block format for those that prefer their chocolate in more manageable sizes' (I told you I would just cut and paste haha!!). As you can see the packaging was also broadly consistent, though had the obvious adaptation of the secondary orange colour scheme and relevant marzipan pictures. When unsealed the plastic packet released an appetising set of fruity orange smells that mixed well with the more familiar Ritter milk chocolate scents. As expected the the marzipan filling looked well portioned sandwiched between layers of exterior chocolate layers.

Before tasting this bar both my father and I expressed our surprise that Ritter had chosen to use a milk chocolate coating as opposed to the usual dark chocolate that coats their standard marzipan offering. Given that this is probably my thirtieth Ritter Sport review that has used the same milk chocolate, I wont go full on in to the micro detail of the taste, but I can say that our preconceived concerns about the pairing of milk chocolate and marzipan were ill founded. Ultimately the chocolate was nothing more, nothing less than it's sweet, generic milky self. The word 'generic' may sound bad, but as ever this wasn't such a bad thing for this Ritter bar, as it allowed greater expression of the inner filling which was frankly very good. Texture wise it was just about right in terms of moistness and viscosity, and importantly avoided that dry, grainy cloying mouth feel that can be associated with cheaper quality marzipan. Flavour wise it was equally as enjoyable, with the juicy, orange influence coming straight to the party amongst the more subtle almond nut taste. Four chunks of this chocolate was a more than satisfying amount to eat at one time - I'm not sure that having any more than that in a sitting it would be quite as enjoyable.

Overall although this wasn't the best ever Ritter Sport flavour I think it is one that is well suited to the time of year, and it will certainly please many a consumer this Christmas time. It would have been interesting to see whether the filling would have been better matched with an outer portion of dark chocolate, but ultimately the milk chocolate did a more than satisfactory job, and despite initial concerns it carried the fruity flavoured marzipan with the same efficiency that it has done for other Ritter flavours. Whilst it may not be have been perfection by Ritter, this was still a very competent flavoured offering and the orange twist proved to be a very welcome bit of flavour development on the already very competent marzipan. Like I always do, I have left the 'best until last' for my reviews of this Ritter Sport Winter-Kreation range. This Orangen-Marzipan was great, but expect even better things to come next week when I review the last bar in this years winter collection.

8.1 out of 10