November 9th: 'Bits n Bobs' UK Chocolate Chip Cookies

One of the most commonlly requested products that I have been asked to review time and time again on this site are Maryland Cookies. Ever since I started doing these 'Bits n Bobs' posts this year, I heard several times from different readers asking that I give them a long overdue ChocolateMission review. As ever I was more than happy to oblige for what my readers asking for, though I thought I would include two other UK made cookie products to draw some comparisons.

If you have your own views on these cookies please be sure to share them ...

McVitie's Mini Cookies Choc Chip:

Kcal 196 Fat 9.2g Fat(sats) 4.7g Carbs 26.0g
'Mini Cookies packed with chocolate chips'

These McVitie's Mini Cookies Choc Chip came in a 40.0g snack bag that I bought for 59p from my local convenience store (OneStop). For the information of my international readers it is worth saying that these cookies are pretty widely distributed across the UK, and can be found in most grocery stores, snacking vending machines etc.

Presentation wise I thought the product was reasonably well presented, though I would perhaps have chosen a more vibrant colour instead of the browney purple. The cookie pieces looked fresh enough outside the packet and emanated a fair set of biscuity smells when first unsealed. When it came to taste and texture I have to report I was a little underwhelmed. The cookies were light in texture and melted within seconds of being in the mouth. This meant there was very little flavour development from the sweet wheaty flavours that were first established, and it was rarity that any chocolatey flavours of note were forthcoming at any time. I felt the 40.0g pack was pretty unsubstantial.

5.8 out of 10

Maryland Bite Size Choc Chip Cookies:

Kcal 201 Fat 10.2g Fat(sats) 5.1g Carbs 25.0g
'Mini cookies containing chocolate chips'

The long overdue Maryland Cookies review is finally here :D Like the McVitie's Mini Cookies above I bought this in a snack bag form which also weighed 40.0g. Similarly to the McVitie's these are also available in the same sort of distribution channels, and can be found occupying the shelves of most convenience retailers.

The presentation of the product was a pretty mixed bag. The exterior bag was attractive on the eye with it's eye-catching bright red and gold branding - I though it just looked very welcoming. Unfortunately the inner cookies appeared far less impressive and were scuffed and dusty (I have had this with several bags!!). When it came to the taste test I unfortunately also found the cookies pretty disappointing, and like above I was extremely disapointed by the length of time (or lack of!) they lasted when in the mouth. The only flavours developed were almost purely of brown sugar, with little establishment of any of the biscuity or chocolate elements I desired. Resultingly the entire packet left me feeling totally unsatisfied and still craving a decent chocolatey snack.

5.6 out of 10

McVitie's Boasters Chocolate Chunks & Hazelnuts:

Kcal 89 Fat 5.5g Fat(sats) 2.4g Carbs 8.8g (per cookie)
'Cookies with chocolate chunks and Hazelnuts'

I have to admit these were a pretty random purchase that I made to take in for the tea room at work i.e. I hadn't planned on reviewing them :D I found them in my local Tesco Supermarket on one of their famous £1 deals so I thought I would give them a try. The pack I bought contained ten standard sized cookies, which in totality weighed 165.0g.

I will say upfront that I think the extent to which comparisons can be drawn with the two 'on-the-go' products above are limited given the nature of the 'in-home' comsumption expected of these cookies. Packaging and presentation wise everything was indeed a little more impressive - especially the wrapper which I thought had a nice premuim feel to it. The cookies themselves looked and smelt pretty delicious, with a forthcoming set of nutty scents compounding the appetising look of the hazelnuts evident in each biscuit. Taste wise these cookies were far more to my liking than either of the above, and there was little coincedence that they felt more substantial with their denser feeling viscocity. Throughout the taste, the cookies had a pleasant undercurrant of butter that underpinned the wheaty flavours of the biscuit nicely. The hazelnuts were not the strongest tasting nuts ever, however the Belgian chocolate was far more forthcoming in comparison to the options reviewed above, and provided an adequete chocolate flavour hit. They weren't the best cookies ever, but I would contemplate buying them again if I saw them on the cheap.

7.4 out of 10