December 13th: Chocri 'Jim's Winter Warmer Creation'

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

My last few Chocri reviews have been met with some real enthusiasm from ChocolateMission readers, so it is with great delight that I today bring you another of my Christmas themed creations. The weather in the UK in the last few weeks has been absolutely freezing, with temperatures getting as low as -5.0c even down here in the south. This recent influx of cold weather was the inspiration behind my latest festive bar - 'Jim's Winter Warmer Creation'. As I mentioned on my last Chocri review, Chocri have now added several seasonal toppings and ingredients to their existing range - I suggest you get a wriggle on and place your order now if you are to receive your bars before Christmas (Chocri Website HERE).

Like every Chocri bar this came in a 100.0g size to which I added five additional toppings. My choice of base for this 'Winter Warmer' was the Chocri Dark Chocolate, on which I added cinnamon, ground chilli, roasted almonds, cinnamon cornflakes and orange bits. Altogether this would have cost £5.10 - exactly the same price as the 'Jim's White Xmas Creation' that I featured last week (See HERE). As you will have read in that review last week, Chocri have a handy re-order code functionality on their website. If 'Jim's Winter Warmer Creation' tickles your fancy, you can try it for yourself by using the code 'u7ark0' - let me know if you do :D

When my bar arrived I was again relatively impressed with the presentation and packaging of my bar, and it was again pleasing to see that each of the different toppings had been nicely dispersed and portioned. Unsealing the plastic packet, the aromas that were immediately forthcoming were ones of cinnamon, sweet cocoa and minor hints of biscuit. When it came to the taste it was indeed these toppings that took hold of the taste, with the dark chocolate of course taking charge from the outset. In melt the dark chocolate was well paced and smooth flowing, though for my taste it could of been stronger with less sugar focused sweetness. When it came to the toppings, once again there were both 'hits & misses'. The 'hits' were the both the cinnamon constituents and the ground chilli, as both delivered the desired and enhancing spicy flavour credentials, as well as a pleasant degree of warmth mouth feel wise. The 'misses' for me were the roasted almonds and and orange bits, as both were lacklustre in flavour - the nuts being noticeably soft and not crunchy fresh. When I offered some of this bar to a friend they were able to pull out the cinnamon and chilli, but were confused to what the golden coloured pieces placed on top were (the orange supposedly).

Overall this was a fair to decent bar of chocolate, but if I was to create a 'Winter Warmer' mark II then I would make a few adaptations to my original creation. The dark chocolate base was fine in terms of quality - like I have said about the milk and white alternatives the base chocolate from Chocri is never anything special, but it does the job to a decent enough standard. The toppings I would keep for my second attempt at this bar would obviously be the cinnamon and the chilli - they were both exactly how I expected them to be. The obvious changes would be the riddance of both the orange and roasted almonds - the orange pieces were especially disappointing and I felt the lack of fruity flavours was something really holding back the potential of this bar. It would be great to hear from ChocolateMission readers what toppings they would replace these two with - perhaps it would be cool if I did a follow up review of the suggestion I think sounds best!?

7.1 out of 10