December 15th: Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Canapes

I will warn you all now that the Hotel Chocolat reviews are going to be coming thick and fast in the next few weeks - there are still a great amount of reviews to be packed in before Christmas time!

A few months ago I asked you all what products you wanted to see reviewed on the site during the countdown to the festive period. To my surprise not all the requests were for posts on chocolate shaped reindeers and Christmas Wreathes. Indeed a great deal of you went down a more sophisticated route - possibly seeking good chocolate options for you to take to various dinner parties (that's my theory anyway :D ). One of the most commonly requested products you all told me to take a look at was this Chocolate Canapes Selection, thankfully Hotel Chocolat were more than willing to oblige with a sample.

I received this selection in a thin box containing 24 chocolates. In terms of presentation everything was to the usual Hotel Chocolat standards. Being able to see the canapes through a transparent plastic cover was a nice touch (if difficult to photograph!), whilst I'm sure you will agree the canapes looked stunning themselves. Speaking of the canapes they came in three different varieties ...

Chilli & Almond - These canapes combined a dark chocolate base and had a fresh almond piece placed on top. Somewhat curiously the chilli element in the chocolate didn't come through for me whatsoever - manufacturing fault in the factory perhaps!? Luckily the rich dark cocoa flavours of the 70% chocolate and the buttery, savoury almond nuts flavours were more than sufficient to entertain my tastebuds.

Pecan & Vanilla - This canapes was formed of a milk chocolate base, topped with a roasted pecan nut and drizzled with vanilla chocolate. It was utterly delicious, and I loved the way each canape progressed it's flavours from cream based cocoa, salty nut to a longing bourbon vanilla aftertaste. For such a small chocolate the flavour journey was incredible.

Caramel Florentine Square - What can I say about this canapes? This was my favourite in the selection without doubt, and combined a caramel milk chocolate base with a lovely Florentine square. The creamy caramel chocolate base was superb, but the extra toffee and nut flavours brought to the party by the Florentine piece created a luxurious, delicious taste with it's unique crunchy texture. When I shared these amongst my family these Florentine pieces were the first to go.

Overall this wasn't a perfect Hotel Chocolat product by any means, but if you are going to be hosting/turning up at a Christmas party get together this month they are the perfect thing to whip out at the end of a meal or gift. The three different flavours on offer are pretty perfect in terms of what they offer. The dark chocolate and chilli canapes I had in my selection were lacking the chilli, but I will rule under the assumption that this was just an error in the pack I received. As I said above the dark chocolate and almond was sufficient anyway, whilst the two milk chocolate canapes were just simply quite phenomenal. My only real criticism about this product as a whole was that Hotel Chocolat didn't actually include one of the best canapes they make. The dark chocolate and ginger canapes (See review HERE) they produce are just as fantastic as any of these three, and they would have been a good option for anyone not interested in nuts. That gripe aside I can whole heartily recommend these. If you are looking to impress at the dinner parties this year, make sure you are the guest/host whipping these out!

8.2 out of 10