Thursday, 16 December 2010


If you saw my Buyer's Guide Part 1 (See HERE) you will have noticed that I mainly focused on the online retailers. With order & postage times dwindling, Buyers Guide Part 2 focuses on the options you will more likely find in your local supermarket and highstreet stores. Remember these are just a few of my own picks - please share your own top products for Christmas time this year and share them with us all ...


WHO: Hotel Chocolat
WHAT: Orders are still being fulfilled online, but if you are lucky enough to live within distance of a Hotel Chocolat store you might want to check out this delicious Dasher Reindeer. This chap mainly comprises of the amazingly delicious Hotel Chocolat 40% milk chocolate, but his white chocolate belly and dark chocolate scarf and hooves bring a nice bit of variety for just £6.00. A great gifting option.

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WHO: Mr Kipling
WHAT: These Mr Kipling Rum & Raisin Slices come with a seal of approval from ChocolateMission readers Phil and . It took me a while to find them myself, but I'm sure glad I found these 'moist cakes with rum, juicy raisins, topped with caramel and chocolate'. Heavenly Cakes may be leading the way forward when it comes to the speciality homemade cakes, but if you are looking for a quick fix option I can confirm these are 'exceedingly good' :D :D

WHERE: Sainsbury's or Lidl


WHO: Ritter Sport
WHAT: The bars pictured below are the Limited Edition Goldschatz (only available around Christmas time!) and Schokocreme which were sent to me by Ritter Sport in Germany. Whilst you may not have much luck finding these in the UK, I would suggest you have a hunt around for the Marzipan, Peppermint and Whole Hazelnut variants which we can all easily find. Ritter Sport chocolates are perfect if you are looking for tasty, but affordable gifting material this Christmas.

WHERE: Major Supermarkets and other Highstreet merchants.


WHO: Milka
WHAT: The general public may not have been best pleased with Kraft's takeover of Cadbury this year, but there is no denying that they don't make some half tasty chocolate with their own Milka brand. If you know want to impress your friends and family with some sweet milk chocolate this Christmas, but dont want to go down the predicatable Cadbury or Galaxy route, then why not treat someone to a Milka Alpenmilch Santa or a bag of these Milka Feine Kugeln Truffles (Nougat-Creme and Noisette flavours pictured below) I can highly recommend either options :DWHERE: Major Supermarkets and other Highstreet merchants.
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