December 18/19th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 63

*** Jim's Corner ***

Hi All,

Phew!!! What a week of chocolate reviews :D In case you missed anything let me fill you in what we have got through this week ...

Day 1 - Chocri Jim's Winter Warmer
Day 2 - Jim's Buyers Guide Part 1
Day 3 - Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Canapes
Day 4 - Jim's Buyers Guide Part 2
Day 5 - Heavenly Cakes Chilli Brownie

Thanks for all the feedback and input on all these reviews/guides this week :D It's been a battle getting everything up before Christmas - judging by all the comments it was well worth the effort.

This is the last '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' before the end of the year. It will return in 2011 better than ever - I already have plans for a whole new 'Stars & their Bars' aswell as a competition that I will run in January to clear out some leftover samples from 2010.

Review posting winds up on the 24th this year, at which point I will take a week off to charge my ChocolateMission batteries after this hectic Christmas run up! Until then lets go 100 mph - I hope all my UK readers are surviving the latest bout of weather!


*** News from the Chocolate Market ***

* Nestle have announced they are bringing back the Aero Orange bar ... See HERE

* Nakd have launched a new healthy snack range - perhaps I should take a look at these in January ... See HERE

* Now these are intriguing ... McVitie's announce the launch of Hobnob cookies ... See HERE

* Sad news at this time of year with the closure of a factory that makes one of the UK's most renowned Nestle products ... See HERE

* I think The Independent need to check out ChocolateMission if they want the lowdown on some of these 'crazy Kit Kat flavours' ... See HERE

* According to this site - 'Thinking about chocolate makes you thin' ... yep I cringed at that to ... See HERE

***Blogs I enjoyed this Year***

GiGi Reviews - Gi really stepped up the quality of her site this year. The products featured are wonderfully random, but the photo quality and writing detail in precise as anything ... See HERE

The Impulsive Buy - Marvo has recently made some new additions to his Impulsive Buy crew. If 2010 is anything to go by, 2011 will be another exciting year of product reviews from these guys ... See HERE

CandyBlog - Cybele's site continues to set the standards for Candy & Chocolate reviewers. Her photography is the best in class and her grasp of the English language is second to none. I can't say too many nice things about CandyBlog ... See HERE

Chocablog - Dom and co. continue to do a fabulous job covering all corners of the globe with their fantastic chocolate reviews. There are some very talented writers over there, I suggest it as another you keep a constant eye on ... See HERE

Chocolate Reviews - Lee is a very talented web designer with a site design that is envied by one and all in the Chocosphere. He has a keen eye for great quality chocolate and has a flair for writing some excellent reviews ... See HERE

Foodstufffinds - Liz over at Foodstufffinds is always the first to hunt down the newest consumer goods out on the market. Be sure to keep a close eye on this blog in 2011 if it is new products you like ... See HERE

... apologies if I have forgotten anyone ... I could go on forever talking about any of the blogs featured in my Blogroll but honourable mentions must also go to ZOMGCandy, Rodzilla Reviews, Gone Chocco, It's all about Limited Edition, Sugar Pressure, Snackspot and Foodette Reviews.