December 20th: Cadbury KOKO Truffle Collection

Kcal 75 Fat 5.4g Fat(sats) 2.7g Carbs 6.1g (per truffle)

With only a few days left until Christmas I have gone to the effort of bringing you a product review that ticks both the boxes of 'new product Monday', and also something that can be found on the highstreet for all you last minute present buyers! Indeed, the product in the spotlight today is the new KOKO Truffle Collection from Cadbury! Hold on a minute!? Didn't I review the Cadbury KOKO truffles already last year!? ... Why of course I did .... However, Cadbury the sneaky devils have brought out a new 'Truffle Collection' alternative for 2010 - they obviously just forgot to tell anyone about it!

I bought this Cadbury KOKO Truffle Collection whilst in the highstreet drugstore 'Superdrug'. Like the originals the individually wrapped truffles came in a large 200.0g box and cost a very reasonable sounding £2.99. Sat amongst everything else on the shelf, it took my finely tuned 'new product chocolate hunting eyes' to notice the different light green colours used on the packaging. As far as I good see, this was the only noticeable differentiatior from the standard KOKO pack. Don't get me wrong it still looked lovely, as did the truffles, but I think it would have been worth while Cadbury making things a little clearer.

This Truffle Collection consisted of three different flavours - my comments on each of them are below:
Milk Truffle - These were essentially the standard KOKO truffles and had thick outer Cadbury milk chocolate exteriors, with a smooth truffle filling. I hate to spoil the review but these orgiginals still turned out to be the best. The flavour development of the sweet milky chocolate was little different from shell to filling, but the softer textured centre created a very pleasant overall mouth feel. Not Dairy Milk, but still nice enough sweet milk chocolate truffles.

Almond Truffle - These truffles included roasted almond nut pieces within the usual inner truffle centre which I thought made for a very tantalising prospect. Unfortunately the presence of the tiny almond fragments failed to generate any nutty flavours, and rather just upset the texture of the truffles by making them feel a little gritty. Sigh!

Hazelnut Truffle - The hazelnut truffles promised 'delicious hazelnut praline' within the milk chocolate truffle, which I thought again sounded like a decent proposition if executed correctly. Texture wise the smallness of the nut pieces did again upset the smooth, flowing nature of the truffle, but on a more positive note there were at least minor detectable notes of wooden hazelnut in the latter stages of the melt development.

Overall this Cadbury KOKO Truffle Collection was a fair box of chocolates, but it could have been a lot better had there been some more thought given to how the nut variations were created. To put it in to an understandable context, both the hazelnut and almond truffles came across as more 'Cadbury Roses' in terms of quality, rather than chocolates that had been created especially for a premium Cadbury offering. Neither of the two variants were 'bad' so to speak, but at the end of things neither really offered enough in terms of being deemed anything like superior to just the original milk flavoured truffles on offer by Cadbury KOKO already. If you are stuck in a bit of a corner this Christmas and need a last minute gift for someone, then you wont be doing anyone a disservice by buying them a pack of these Cadbury KOKO Truffle Collection (unless they have nut allergies haha!). If you have the time though, I would suggest you take a look at other alternatives, as these really aren't anything spectacular.

7.4 out of 10