December 22nd: Booja-Booja Organic Chocolate Truffles Around Midnight Espresso

Kcal 61 Fat 4.8g Carbs 3.9g (per truffle)

The shopping days until Christmas are fast drawing in so and I'm sure there will be a number of you buying last minute chocolate gifts for this weekend. For those of you still mulling over the wide choice of chocolate products using my reviews, I thought I would confuse matters even more so for you by throwing in a brand that hasn't even featured on the site before. Indeed, making their ChocolateMission debut, I present you with Booja-Booja - a UK based chocolate manufacture from Norfolk. I don't know if these guys will be a company you have heard of before, but I was only introduced to the brand myself last week when a work colleague (and fellow chocolate addict) bought me a pack of these 'Around Midnight Espresso' truffles.

These truffles came in a 80.0g box and I was immediately impressed with the packaging. The round edged cardboard box gave the product an immediate premium feel with it's gold fonts and detailed on-pack information (award winning claims etc). Inside the truffles were protected by a dual layer of tissue paper and individual paper sleeves - for chocolates that were coated in a potentially messy layer of cocoa powder they were in immaculate condition. Taking care not to get this cocoa powder up my nose, I took a smell of the truffles and was met with some light but engaging cocoa scents.

I have passed mention already to the copious amount of blurb that was on the packaging but I have to say some of it was really quite intriguing. It just so happened that these truffles were 'dairy free, cholesterol free and gluten free' - those of you on restricted diets will really want to sit up and take notice! Looking at the ingredients these truffles were simple in their construct: 'cocoa, sugar, water, coffee, agave (???), coconut oil and cocoa powder'. They were simple in construct, and on the whole pretty simple in taste. Starting the experience off, the cocoa powder straight away established a pleasant mouth sensation and conjured an unsweetened earthy cocoa taste from out the outset. As the truffle melted away smoothly the taste developed a deeper, richer cocoa flavour base that marginally grew in volume during the progression from solid to liquid state. The coffee element was highly detectable by mid melt of the truffle, though was more of a dark, fruity black Americano rather than an intense raw coffee espresso shot. Two of these truffles at a time complimented a cup of actual coffee quite nicely, but I think a stronger coffee aftertaste would have given them a further richness.

Overall I would give my first experience with Booja-Booja a thumbs up, though they didn't quite manage to blow my socks off with these Around Midnight Espresso truffles. As I have stated quite clearly above the coffee flavour hit wasn't as intense as one might hope for with a product that comes billed as espresso strength. With that said the coffee element was certainly brought to the party and will most likely be well balanced for those who are a happy with a little less intense coffee buzz from their chocolate. Praise must also be awarded to Booja-Booja here for creating some truffles that satisfy many dietary guidelines that some people have to follow. I have tried a few awful gluten, dairy free products in my time, but these do a great job of setting the standard for other companies to live up to. I will certainly being trying more Booja-Booja in the near future - sorry if I have confused you late present buyers even more :D

8.1 out 10