December 3rd: Hotel Chocolat The H-Box Christmas Selection Without Alcohol

When I posted my review of the original Hotel Chocolat The Sleekster Christmas Selection a few weeks ago (See HERE), a number of you commented that you didn't like seeing the liqueur flavoured chocolates in the box. Well the chaps over Hotel Chocolat picked up on this and wanted to make you all aware that there is currently an existing product in their range that includes several of the original pieces, but with the alcohol filled ones substitute out for some non-alcoholic alternatives.

Included in this Hotel Chocolat The H-Box Christmas Selection Without Alcohol box you can find the Cinnamon Praline (portioned twice!), Milk Liquid Caramel Egg, Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut paste, Dark Liquid Caramel Egg, Caramel Chocolate, Gingerbread Truffle, Milk House Praline, Crunchy Praline and Mousse au Chocolat pieces - if you wish to see my thoughts on these I suggest you head HERE.

In addition to these original chocolates there were also three new ones - see my thoughts below with ratings Awful-to-Superb.

Orange & Almond Crunches - This was an attractive looking pieces that consisted of a milk chocolate baste with added whole roasted almonds and candied orange pieces. The combination of zesty fruit and buttery almond nuts made for a delicious taste that complimented the creamy chocolate nicely. My only thought was whether it might have been nicer with a dark chocolate base? Hmmm! Very Good.

Peanut Passion - When I read the description of this one I was tremendously excited at the prospect of 'praline bursting with freshly milled peanuts'. The outer shell of fused milk and white chocolate was of course delicious, but when it came to the praline centre I was a little disappointed. Compared to the hazelnut pralines I thought it lacked flavour, as it only registered some minor peanut notes. It didn't deliver the contrasting salt element I was hoping for unfortunately. Standard.

Brownie - I've reviewed this one a few times before but I had to test it again for quality control purposes Haha :D Well you will all be glad to know that this was as good as always. The exterior milk chocolate was an exquisite match for the inner pecan and rice crispie truffle filled centre. It was nearly perfect in both taste and texture - make sure you make a bee-line for this one if you are sharing. Superb.

Overall for those of you demanding a Hotel Chocolat selection box con (as opposed to sans!) alcoholic content this is obviously an ideal offering for you. Whilst I wouldn't say some of the decision making behind the chocolates included in this selection was the best (why are there two cinnamon pralines?), the variety on offer is still pretty good and covers a wide range of caramel, nut and spiced alternatives. One area of weakness for this box, and all the other Hotel Chocolat Christmas Selection boxes now we mention it, is that if you don't like nuts then you are in a bit of trouble. Indeed a lot of the chocolates in all the different boxes contain hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds or pecans - if these interest you little then there is an argument that there isn't much there for you. Alternatively you could just be like me and enjoy each and every one of them. If that is the case then I suggest you seriously consider gifting one of these Hotel Chocolate boxes this year. They come with a glowing ChocolateMission recommendation whatever your tastes.

8.4 out of 10