December 4/5th: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 62

### Site Update ###

Hi All,

I hope you have all survived 'THE BIG FREEZE' this week if you are UK based. I've never seen snow like this before in Surrey, it's hard to believe we are only at the start of the winter.

You might not have thought it possible, but the adverse weather conditions managed to affect the running of the site this week. Forget school and road closures ... this latest bout of white stuff brought a delay to my latest Heavenly Cakes delivery! Fingers crossed next week I will receive my delivery safe and sound. In better news, one package that did make its way to me earlier in the week though, was one from my friends at J-List. Believe it or not some of the items delivered are the weirdest from Japan yet! Reviews will of course start appearing next week - keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks again for all the comments and feedback this week - in case you missed any of the ones this week please see below:

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The Christmas themed reviews are going to keep coming this week. Lets hope this snow doesn't hamper us anymore.


News from the Chocolate Market:

* Kraft reveal their plans for Cadbury here in the UK - I hope the majority of this is true ... See HERE

* This happened a while ago but Cadbury has redesigned their Starbar and Picnic wrappers ... See HERE

* Muller have come out with some new festive themed 'Corner' yogurts, including one chocolatey one ... See HERE

* Kraft brand hurt by Cadbury takeover? ... See HERE

* This is an interesting article documenting the most successful product launches for convenience stores in 2010 ... See HERE

* Pure chocolate? No such thing according to the EU ... See HERE


I've got two more Hotel Chocolat goodies to show you guys this week. Indeed, in my generously filled sampling package this year, both these 'Tiddly' themed festive chocolate moulds were included.

Having lauded over both of these chocolate recipes for the best part of three years now, I don't think I could spin out a whole review on them, so I thought I would just post up some pictures for you to look at, as well as some obligatory scoring charts.

Both of these 'Tiddly Santas' and 'Tiddly Reindeers' come in 85.0g packs and are one of the cheaper priced Hotel Chocolat options available this Christmas priced at £5.00 each. In terms of presentation and packaging both look very impressive with their intricate detailed surface moulds. I was told by a friend that the reindeers looked especially cute, but I personally thought the santas looked the coolest. Tastewise my preference also sat with the caramel chocolate santas as they offered the same cream based cocoa experience, just with an extra touch of buttery, salted toffee in the latter stages of the melt.

Overall both of these would make fantastic little gifts this Christmas if you are looking to gift Hotel Chocolat on a budget. You really can't go wrong with either of these.

Hotel Chocolat Tiddly Reindeers - 8.5 out of 10
Hotel Chocolat Tiddly Santas - 8.7 out of 10

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