December 6th: Chocri 'Jim's White Xmas Creation'

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Hopefully last weeks successful 'Jim's Nutty Delight Creation' managed to vanquish all memories of soy bacon from ChocolateMission reader's minds. As I mentioned in that review, that was the first of three new bars I had created - the second being the focus of things today. Indeed, after spoiling my last white chocolate Chocri bar during my disastrous bacon episode, I thought it only fair that I give Chocri's white stuff another try - presenting 'Jim's White Xmas Creation'. Indeed, with Christmas fast approach I thought it appropriate to make my other two remaining creations Christmas themed. Chocri have recently just added a whole load of new Christmas ingredients and toppings for people to use on their chocolates, you can see them all HERE.

As with every customised Chocri creation, my bar came in a 100.0g size and I was again given free licence to add as many toppings as I wished (a full five it was then haha!). My 'Jim's White Xmas Creation' comprised of a white chocolate base with mini Spekulatius cookies, marzipan stars, walnuts, star-decorations, and candy cane pieces. Out of all of my Chocri creations thus far, this one was one of the cheaper options and altogether would cost £5.60. If you fancy trying this combination of ingredients for yourself you can use the code '1I7wvb' on the Chocri site to quickly rebuild it rather than having to go to the effort of inputting all of the toppings again manually. I think this is a pretty cool functionality to have should you ever wish to repurchase one of your previous orders.

As you will have determined from my choice of toppings, I went for some added ingredients that were going to make my chocolate hopefully look nice and festive. I have to say that when my bar arrived I was impressed with what I saw, as all my toppings were well distributed and made for an aesthetically interesting bar. When it came to the taste the good dispersion of the toppings made for a variable and persistently interesting experience. At the base of every bite, the white choccolate was of a fair to good quality, and established a very sweet, but vanilla hinted flavour set. Out of all the toppings my favourite bits were definitely the Spekulatius cookies and the marzipan stars. Both of these were the most forthcoming with their respective gingery biscuit and almond nut flavours, and they progressed the taste nicely in every block they had presence. The rest of the toppings were a little hit and miss, with the walnuts not particularly cutting through the far sweeter tasting components, and the star decoration and candy cane pieces struggling to establish themselves in any great manner. Like most white chocolates I didn't find it the most satisfying ever, but on a more positive note it wasn't like the taste became overly sugar dominant like a lot of white chocolates can do.

Overall I was happy with how this bar turned out given that I was a little distracted trying to create a Christmas themed chocolate rather than one that had the best possible mixture of toppings. Looks wise, if I say so myself this was one of the better looking chocolates I have eaten recently :D It's always hard photographing white chocolate so you may not quite be able to appreciate it, but trust me it looked impressive and the Christmas themed outer wrapper further helped create a festive feel for my bar. In regards to taste I will again reiterate the point it wasn't the best white chocolate I have ever had. Some of the toppings I have mentioned above though are certainly worth your consideration if you are going to be creating your own Chocri creations in the near future. I hope you enjoyed seeing my attempt at creating a 'White Xmas' bar, I would be interested to hear what toppings you would have chosen yourselves. More Chocri coming to ChocolateMission next week!

7.8 out of 10