December 7th: Kit Kat European Cheese Mini

Kcal 25 Fat 1.5g Carbs 2.8g

As soon as this appeared in the J-List top selling snacks widget in my sidebar, the review requests came flooding in to my inbox. I have tried several of odd flavoured Kit Kats in the past - everything from Green Tea, to Sweet Potato etc, but this one I tried today really took the biscuit (awesome pun there haha!). This Kit Kat European Cheese is Nestle's latest variant out in Japan and from what I have read in other websites it is proving to be one of the most popular and hard to find Kit Kat flavours for a long while. This however didn't stop my buddies at J-List winging across a box for me to try - there were no willing fellow taste testers for a second opinion today, I can't think for the life of me why :D

These Kit Kat European Cheese Mini came in a 'petit' format, with each piece only being half the length of an original Kit Kat finger. Calorie wise I guess this was a somewhat attractive prospect for any dieter, but for those of us just trying to have a decent snack it was annoying having to keep opening mini foil wrappers (whatever would the eco-freaks think!). Size issues aside, the presentation was admittedly utterly fantastic. The mini sized Kit Kats came in a treasure chest like packet that opened with via a nifty little side mechanism pictured as a lock and key. As annoying as they were, the mini Kit Kats were cute looking in their yellow and orange wrappers. If it weren't the pungent cheesey smell that emanated out from them you could almost say they looked attractive :D

Cheesey smell!??? Indeed there was, and it wasn't all the appetising!! Doing a spot of translation I managed to figure out that these white chocolate Kit Kats were flavoured with a cheese called Gouda, which is normally made in the Netherlands - See HERE. Constituting 58.0% of the ingredients it was no wonder why the cheese was so strong in the taste. Placing one of the Mini Kit Kats in my mouth the immediate flavours I was met with were sweet, milky and focused on establishing a set of white chocolate base flavours. Within a matter of seconds a smokey, slightly sour dairy saltyness soon came to the party, taking over the taste for the rest of the duration of the flavour journey. The inner wafer added a touch of sweetens back to the taste when crunched on, however it really was the cheese element that was the dominant influence. To my taste I found it neither particularly pleasant or otherwise, just frankly a little weired, and suffice to say very unique.

Overall my lasting impressions of these Kit Kat European Cheese Mini are ones of both bewilderment and surprise. If I start with bewilderment - I guess I'm still at a loss as to why anyone would ever want to have cheese flavoured Kit Kat? I can often see the sense in trying out new flavour combinations that people might not immediately think of (my Zotter reviews are testimoney to that!), but I'm genuinely struggling to imagine anyone ever requesting a Gouda flavoured chocolate. Moving on to my feelings of surprise, well I'm left feeling surprised because it wasn't as bad as I dreaded it would be. The taste wasn't the most pleasant I have ever come across, but at the end of the day it was more palatable and had a certain uniqueness about it. This wouldn't ever be a Kit Kat product that I could recommend to anyone based on it tasting great, but as one of those novelty gifts it's one that will leave a lasting impression on someone that's for sure.

7.0 out of 10