January 10th: GU Cookies

Today I have the great pleasure of bringing you a double product review from the renowned dessert manufacture GU. Apologies to all of you trying desperately to stick to your January diets, but come on - what were you really expecting on a website such as this one :D

Back in October 2010 I posted a news article from The Grocer magazine which talked about GU's portfolio expansion with them launching a range of Cookies (See HERE). Described as adding 'some adult appeal to a category dominated by own-label and confectionery brands, such as Rolo and Smarties', I thought this sounded like a half decent idea, however I was then disappointed to read they were only going to be made available in Asda - Boo!!!

Just last week though, low and behold I found both these Caramel & Milk Chocolate and Ultimate Chocolate GU cookies gracing the shelves of my local Tesco - one came only assume that this exclusivity to Asda was just for a few months only. Anyway, £2.00 of my cash bought me a pack of two different flavours - my thoughts on them are below.

GU Cookies Milk Chocolate & CaramelKcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???
'American-style cookies with chunks of chocolate and caramel'

These were the first I sampled out of the two and I was loving the fresh cookie and toffee smells that emanated from the bag when I opened it. Aesthetically the cookies were a touch pale, possibly a little under baked, but they were still pretty impressive and looked to have a decent amount of caramel and milk chocolate pieces dispersed throughout.

Texture wise these were very decent cookies and had a delightful fresh softness that yielded instantly and melted like butter in the mouth. A consequence of the cookie softness was that the flavour longevity wasn't particularly long lasting, though the limited time they did last in the mouth the flavours generated were altogether very pleasant. The base flavour generation of the cookie was predominantly dominated by a buttery shortbread biscuit taste that was enhanced by the slightest of salty hints. Where present the chocolate and caramel chunks added further interest to the experience, offering bursts of cocoa and brown sugar toffee suggestions. A whole cookie was a satisfying snack, but I was expecting that given it's size.

8.0 out of 10


GU Cookies Ultimate Chocolate

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???
'American-style cookies with chunks of rich chocolate'

Judging by the limited stock left on the shelf at the time, it would appear that these Ultimate Chocolate cookies were the better selling variant out of the two. In proposition and looks I personally thought they were the less appealing out of the two I'm showing you today. Don't get me wrong the cookies still smelt gorgeous and looked appealing, however I was disappointed to see that GU hadn't chosen to use two different chocolate types (e.g. milk chocolate base, white chocolate chunks etc), which I think would have made them look even more attractive.

When it came to the taste test the cookies were every bit as soft as the caramel variant, and additionally had even larger chocolate chunks to add weight to the light, crumbly cookie base. As promised on the front of pack, the chocolate taste was indeed rich, and took hold of the buttery, shortbread flavours a little more than the caramel cookies. The chocolate flavour hit was delivered with a keen sharpness and in a more satisfying sustained manner, but the flavour progression was perhaps a little limited and in need of an added x-factor like say a nut, to make it truly special.

8.1 out of 10


Overall I thought these were very decent cookies but I wouldn't say they were quite there in regards to being rated as highly as the likes of Heavenly Cakes. One thing I do know for sure is that they were more to my liking than than usual supermarket own brand offerings, which I tend to find overly sugar laden and sickly. Judging by the taste I would suggest that the quality of ingredients is far superior to the supermarket cookies - I guess this is reflected in the price. Neither of these were by any means perfect, but I would buy them again and would happily suggest you guys give them a try.