January 17th: The Big Yum Chocolate Swerves

Kcal 480 Fat 20.8g Fat(sats) 12.8g Carbs 62.4g (per 100.0g)

Just before Christmas I exchanged Tweets with a company called The Big Yum on Twitter (See HERE) who kindly offered me the opportunity to sample some of their delicious sounding Chocolate Swerves. The Big Yum are a UK company founded by two people called Pippa & Aaron, a couple devoted to 'providing a refined snacking safe haven where discerning nibbles enthusiasts can take heart, learning what it’s like to be truly appreciated.' oooooh fancy guys :D (More on The Big Yum HERE). Before I take the mick too much, it is worth pointing out that as they expand their company they have committed to supporting several Charities & Foundations as they grow, so this is definitely a company with it's heart in the right place ... if only some of these mass manufactures were so generous eh!?

Pippa & Aaron were kind enough to send me a few packs of their 70.0g Chocolate Swerves, which came described as the tempting combination of 'milk and white chocolate coated salted pretzels'. These packs were in actual fact very groovy looking laminate pouches. For such a small company I thought the quality of the presentation was outstanding and the pretzels themselves were similarly impressive aesthetically. Before anyone *ahem Richard :D haha!! ahem* asks the question, these Chocolate Swerves sell on The Big Yum website for 6 x 70.0g bags for £11.40, or a 250.0g bag for £4.50.

I consumed most of my packs of these as afternoon snacks, occasionally offering some to my work colleagues for their all important second opinions. My preferred method of eating these was to place the pieces on the tongue, to let the chocolate coating melt away, before crunching down on the remaining pretzels. Eating them this way allowed the full spectrum of the sweet and salty flavours to be enjoyed - they tasted just fantastic. The outer chocolate that coated each piece was as tasty as it looked. It had a soft melt and struck a nice balance of cream and sweet cocoa flavours to deliver the desired chocolate flavour hit despite it's thin application. Once the chocolate had melted away, the crunchy pretzels hidden below burst with the promised saltiness. These Chocolate Swerves were so very moreish, but utterly, 100.0% delicious.

Overall I think the long running campaigns demanding the return of the Nestle Flipz (See HERE) can come to abrupt end because these Chocolate Swerves are even better. Comparing the products like-for-like, there obviously isn't much difference the pretzels, but when it comes to chocolate quality and standards of presentation, there is really only one winner - The Big Yum (just in case it wasn't bleedingly obvious haha!). Sweet and salty snacks are a combination that I love, and these Chocolate Swerves are a fine example of just how addictive the two together can be together. If you have any interest in reuniting yourself with the Nestle Flipz experience, or just plain fancy supporting a worthwhile UK small company then I suggest you head on over to The Big Yum website and buy yourself some Chocolate Swerves. These are some very, very tasty pretzels - well worthy of a ChocolateMission recommendation that's for sure.

8.6 out of 10