January 22/23rd: '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' - Edition 64

Thornton's Milk Chocolate with Mango
Kcal 531 Fat 31.6g Fat(sats) 19.4g Carbs 52.9 (per 100.0g)

This week I thought it appropriate to kick off '7Days of Chocolate Reviews' with a special feature containing this latest offering from Thorntons. As with a few previous charity contributing products I have resisted awarding this chocolate a score, as I don't wish to be influencing your purchase decision on this basis.

More importantly than any score out of ten, I think it is worthwhile more looking at how this chocolate is positively influencing the lives of some very needy people in Haiti. This can be explained no better way than by Thorntons themselves ...

"A year on from the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti, the country is still rebuilding and desperately needs investment. By buying this Thorntons Chocolate Block with Mango, you will be contributing to Save the Children’s life-changing education work in Haiti – reaching thousands of children with safer schools, classroom equipment and quality teaching."

Quite simply from every bar sold, Thorntons will be contributing a sizable £0.91 to Save the Children's work - you can keep up-to-date with the total contribution thus far HERE.

So what does the bar taste like you ask? Well to be frank it was neither the best or the worst offering I have tried from their square bars range. My score for taste would have been 7.5. The 37.0% chocolate was tasty enough with it's creamy sweet milk flavours, but I felt the mango pieces could have been a little larger as they didn't create quite the same zingy fruity impact I was hoping for. At the end of the day I just don't think it matters anyway, chocolate prestige really isn't the issue here. If you are shopping around this weekend I would urge you to go to your local Thornton's and buy one of these bars. You not only reward yourself with a half decent chocolate, but you can also feel pretty happy that a large chunk of your money has gone to those who really need it.


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