January 26th: Snickers Maximus

Kcal 269 Fat 15.0g Carbs 27.8g

If the three so called 'new' products weren't enough for you this last Monday you will be pleased to see that today's review contains another 'innovation' for 2011. Indeed, at the start of the month Mars sent a PR statement announcing the launch of this limited edition Snickers Maximus. This new limited edition bar is supposed to be the 'the next phase in Mr T’s campaign', and the launch is being supported by a £1.5m TV and radio campaign'. The Snickers Maximus comes billed as a 'Snickers without nougat, leaving even more room for the maximum serving of nuts and caramel'. Despite trying a million and one different Snickers bars from all across the globe in the last few years, this wasn't a variation I had yet tried ... lets see how it did.

It came as no surprise to me that this bar came in a smaller 52.5g compared to the 58.0g original - this is the size that all Snickers limited edition have come in down the years. I'm not one for usually getting all that fussed about wrappers, but I would of expected more of an effort from Mars than just the change to a beige and brown colour scheme and minor branding changes. Why not use our man Mr T for a more decorative pack? I'm no graphic designer but they could have made it a little more exciting. In better news there were no issues when it came to the bar keeping it's shape despite the lack of a firm nougat base. When I pierced the wrapper the usual glorious peanut sweet scents overcame my senses, smelling every bit as enticing as usual.

For those of you wondering the chocolate, caramel and peanut ratio of this bar was 31.0% chocolate, 42.0% caramel and 26.0% peanuts. For what this bar was, this was a decent proportional mix, and the bar still managed to retain the original Snickers bars great quality of allowing each constituents say in the taste. The flavour development was obviously lead by the outer milk chocolate, which melted at fine rate supplying it's standard chocolate flavour hit to every bite with it's sugary milky cocoa emphasis. Below the chocolate, both the caramel and peanuts were blended into one, ensuring the bar kept some level of viscosity even at room temperature. The golden caramel was chewy even when soft and when heated supplied it's usual array of sweet, buttery toffee flavours. Comparatively the roasted nuts were crunchy and salted in taste, providing a contrast in flavours that was dexterous and of course totally delicious. The only thing missing ... well duh the nougat!?

Overall I felt my experience with this bar was very similar to the times when I used to come across solid milk chocolate Kit Kats as kid. The fact that things weren't how they usually are was a novelty for a second, but at the end of the day the lacking element (in this case the nougat) didn't benefit the product at all. Quite simply without the nougat the taste wasn't as progressive or interesting, and I certainly didn't get the same level of satisfaction that I do from a normal Snickers. If there was ever a bar suitable for being a limited edition it is certainly this one, as I don't see anyone repeat purchasing having tried it the once. Unless you are someone that doesn't like nougat (I have genuinely never met anyone that has said this haha!) I just don't see the point in recommending it for any reason other than to just say you have tried one. It would be harsh to brand this bar as pointless, but I'm personally struggling to think of a reason for making it - wouldn't of it been cooler if they had given us the new Snickers Peanut Butter Squared they have now in the US? What do you guys think?

7.5 out of 10