February 12th: Hotel Chocolat Liquid Chocolat

A lack of noteworthy chocolate news, and my own safety concerns have led me to abandon my usual '7Days of Chocolate Review' weekend today. Indeed, the sheer amount of you applying the pressure for my long awaited Hotel Chocolat Drinking Chocolate reviews has just got a little too much - I dare not leave you guys waiting any longer :D

Looking on the Hotel Chocolat website I couldn't help but chuckle when I read how they came described 'Experience the warm embrace of our authentic hot chocolate drink with a gorgeously smooth cocoa kick. There’s one to suit every taste – from seasonal specials and the classic Milky, to the deeply chocolaty Classic and the warming spice of chilli. This isn’t hot chocolate as you know it, this is Liquid Chocolat!' ... this sounded like some spiel taken out of an M&S advert (UK readers will know what I'm talking about!)

As you may have gathered, there have been a constant flow of review requests landing in my various inboxes asking me to include Hotel Chocolat in my Hot Chocolate Mission side project. Last week I finally got around to sending a quick e-mail to Hotel Chocolat HQ - before I knew it I had two of their 275.0g mixes sitting on my kitchen counter.

The two variants sent across to me were the Liquid Chocolat Classic Milky & Classic Dark. Both came in plastic containers and contained enough mixture for approximately eight different mixtures. At the start of the Hot Chocolate Mission side project I stated I would be making all these drinks with the same methodology (half boiling water + half heated milk). I have to admit now I did stray away from this method when making these here, as the on-pack instructions called for the arduous task of melting the chocolate and then stirring in the heated milk - this was obviously the way they had to be made. Below are my thoughts on the two different drinks.

Liquid Chocolat Classic Milky - This mixture comprised of a blend of Hotel Chocolat's 72% dark and 50% milk chocolate and not surprisingly had a paler complexion. Out of the two drinks this was of course the sweeter tasting, though it was still very rich in it's cocoa flavour offering. Again comparing one with the other, this Milky variety offered the creamier, smoother taste out of the two, and the frophy milky top lasted a lot longer than with the dark drink. I did observe however, that the chocolatyness didn't linger in the mouth for as longer duration.

Liquid Chocolat Classic Dark - This variety was a pure blend of 72% dark, and if you haven't peeked at the scores already was my favourite out of the two. Before I go overboard describing the taste :D I do have to point to the fact that the mix did take longer to fully melt in to milk, and possibly wasn't quite as smooth or frothy due to the higher cocoa levels. These soon became forgotten issues - this was liquid gold :D Indeed, every mouthful of this drink was nothing other than luxurious. The cocoa taste was deep, non-bitter and layered with notes of coffee and earthy richness. Each gulp left a lingering set of exciting cocoa flavours, and I can assure that a mug of this would cure the greatest of chocolate desires. Satisfaction in chocolate liquid form guaranteed.

Overall I think we can safely say that both of these Hotel Chocolat Liquid Chocolat drinks are leading the way when it comes to my Hot Chocolate Mission side project. Above I've detailed each of my luxurious experiences with the two different variants but I haven't mentioned just yet is the BEST bit about each of them. With most other hot chocolate drinks I tend to find the dreggs left at the bottom of the mug the most bitter tasting and least enjoyable (most the time I don't finish the mug!). The beauty with these Hotel Chocolat Liquid Chocolat drinks was the chocolaty bits left at the bottom of the mug were utterly delicious - finishing them off with a spoon is a must! Take that as my top tip as I honestly can't put in to words how extra enjoyable and satisfying they made each mug of these delightful mixtures seem - they really gave both of these drink mixtures an x-factor to differentiate them from any I have tried before. What more can I say!? These aren't the easiest drinks to assemble, but boy are they worth the extra effort. Highly recommended!

Hotel Chocolat Liquid Chocolat Classic Milky - 8.6 out of 10

Hotel Chocolat Liquid Chocolat Classic Dark - 8.9 out of 10


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