February 4th: Hot Chocolate Project - Part # 2

Does this post really need any introduction ... I think not :D

If you missed out on Part # 1 of the ChocolateMission Hot Chocolate Project then you should take a look HERE. If you didn't then sit back with that mug of yours whilst I take you through my reviews of the next lot of warming chocolate drinks.


Weight Watchers Instant Hot Chocolate Drink
Kcal 50 Fat 1.9g Fat(sats) 1.5g Carbs 7.0g
'Instant Hot Chocolate with sugars and sweetner'

For those of you counting your Weight Watchers point this drink will knock one point off your total daily allowance ... I wonder how many points were in that Hotel Chocolat Mini Slab I had earlier :D Given the relevance of it being the start of the year I thought there was no way I could overlook the Weight Watchers hot chocolate offering. The mix came in a pretty unappetising looking 15.0g sachet (very medicinal looking if you ask me!!) that instructed I mix with 150.0ml of water. Ignoring this completely I used a combination of both warm milk and water, which created a relatively smooth textured, froth top drink. When it came to the taste test the initial sweet cocoa flavours delivered were surprisingly forthcoming though there was a high degree of what I would call taste wear out with the drink becoming progressively watery. It was better than expected given the uninspiring packaging, but under no circumstances would I advise mixing with water alone.

5.3 out of 10


Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate Drink
Kcal 98 Fat 2.5g Carbs 17.3g
'Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate made with real Galaxy Milk Chocolate'

This drink mixture came in a 25.0g pouch that was styled much the same as the Malteser offering that I reviewed back in the Hot Chocolate Project Part # 1. The vinyl matted pack looked smart on the eyes and released a decent set of familiar smelling Galaxy scents when I tore it open. Mixing the drink with the warm milk and boiling water produced a well blended, thick drink that had a decent layer of froth that lasted the duration of the drinking time. The ultimate smoothness that is so synonymous with Galaxy products wasn't quite replicated to the same high degree in this drink form, however the drinking experience was still on the whole very pleasant. In addition to the smooth flow mouth feel, I'm also pleased to say that the Galaxy chocolate flavour experience was created superbly. The distinct extra creamy cocoa taste was evident from the outset, and this dairy emphasis was more to my liking than some of the more sugar focused drinks I have been trying as of late. Galaxy fans will get a great deal of satisfaction from this drink.

8.1 out of 10


Horlicks Malt Chocolate Light
Kcal 120 Fat 1.8g Carbs 23.4g
'Instant low fat chocolate flavoured malted drink'

One of my all time favourite drinks as a kid was a milky cup of Horlicks before bed time, and it had been shockingly long since I last treated myself to a big mug of the stuff. In order to change this I felt it only right I cover off the chocolate flavoured Horlicks for my hot chocolate project - the single sachet came filled with 32.0g of powder. Despite not being instructed to, I used mostly milk to mix this drink and I would advise you do the same if you are tempted by this mini review today. When mixed with the warm milk, the powder blended superbly into a frothy, smooth drink that had a sensuous mouth feel. Taste wise this was a little lighter in terms of chocolateyness, but the creamy, malt cereal taste was delicious and wholey comforting .... zzzzzz I'm ready for bed now :D I would recommend this as a nicer option to the similarly positioned Malteser Hot Chocolate.

8.3 out of 10


Options Belgian Choc / White Choc
Kcal 40 Fat 0.9g Carbs 5.8g & Kcal 44 Fat 1.1g Carbs 7.1g
'Instant hot chocolate drink with sugars and sweeteners' & 'White chocolate flavour hot drink with sugars and sweeteners

Options hot chocolate is more positioned as an everyday consumed hot chocolate and offers a low calorie alternative to some of the more heavy duty branded powders. The Options hot chocolate range consists of many ever changing flavours so in the best interest of keeping this review relevant for years down the line I have chosen the two that have been ever present since I can remember - Belgian Choc and White Choc. Speaking firstly of the Belgian choc flavour, when mixed with the milk and water combination the drink produced managed to tick almost every box. Unlike it's low calorie alternative Weight Watchers, the chocolate hit was still relatively decent, though it has to be said the mouthfeel was thin and much lighter compared to say the Horlicks or Maltesers. The white choc was similarly forthcoming in flavour, however the degree to which I would call it 'white chocolate' per se would be limited. The drink produced by the white powder was more along the lines of a warm cup of sweet tasting dried milk powder rather than a creamy white chocolate. I still quite liked it myself, but white chocolate fans be wary it might not totally satisfy you. I would recommend the Options range as one of the better lower calorie hot chocolate mixes.

7.2 out of 10

6.9 out of 10


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