March 11th: Zotter Plum Brandy / Zotter Oral Choco Shot

ChocolateMission is doing a two for the price of one on Austrian chocolate reviews! I have been promising readers in my last few Zotter reviews that I would feature some alternative products to their standard Handscooped bar range, so in an attempt to please everyone I today feature one of their quirkier products as well as a mini review of yet another Zotter flavour.

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Not so long ago I featured a review of the Zotter Coffee, Plum & Caramelised Bacon (8.6 out of 10 - See HERE). Most of the feedback from that post was that the majority of you fancied trying the plum and chocolate combination, but were put off by the bacon aspect - step up the Zotter Plum Brandy. Consisting of 'dark chocolate filled with plum brandy cream' this sounded like the answer for those of you who were put off by the previous bar's meant content - that still sounds wrong even now doesn't it :D

Presentation wise I was again not to pleased with seeing a random black line running down the one side of my wrapper (exactly like the one I mentioned in my Zotter Ginger review!). That minor annoyance aside, the bar smelt delightful when released from it's inner gold foil wrap, and it radiated an enticing mixture of fruity dark chocolate scents. These aromas proved to be highly indicative of the taste, with the 70% exterior dark chocolate layer establishing a bitter set of cocoa flavours from the outset of it's smooth melt. Akin to a lot of other Zotter bars, the truffle layer below was exquisitely soft, and packed full of flavour. The centre cream was far sweeter in taste than the outer chocolate, and delivered a delicious creamy fruityness set as soon as it came in to contact with my tongue. The brandy element was also interestingly implemented, coming through not so strongly in the taste, but giving a kind warmth to each mouthful.

Overall I really enjoyed this Zotter flavour and would happily recommend it as one of their nicer plainer options. As good as the dark chocolate was, the plum brandy cream was the shining star of the product. It had a luxurious mouth feel and importantly didn't over do it when it came to the brandy element. On the whole it wasn't one of the Zotter bars that pushed the boundaries of uniqueness in the flavour combination department, but it was still exceedingly tasty and one that can be considered a 'safer option' if you are unsure about the plum bar with the bacon in.

8.0 out of 10

Now on to the bizarre ....

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Well if I was going to be featuring the 'safe option' Zotter Plum Brandy the only way balance things up was to include a feature on one of Zotter's weirder products - step up the Zotter Oral Choco Shot!

When I read the packaging (which wasn't in English I may add!), the description of 'one chocolate shot of whisky' didn't really prepare me for what I found inside the box. Yes you really can believe your eyes ... that really is a syringe filled with chocolate you are seeing above. Indeed, awaiting me inside, a plastic sealed syringe tube contained a 12ml 'shot'. As you can probably of guessed this wasn't a product I took to work to 'share with colleagues' :D I consumed my 'hit' of chocolate whisky after an evening meal by squeezing out the contents on to spoon. Being the alcohol wimp I am, I spread the contents out in to two helpings. After wolfing down the first one I was very glad I did - BOY was it strong. The chocolate flavours were forthcoming initially, but they were soon well and truly dominated by a very strong whisky hit that heated the back of my throat the instant I swallowed. Not being a whisky expert I wont comment on the quality of the whisky flavour hit - believe me though, it well and truly came to the party :D

Overall this was an almost impossible product to rate so I wouldn't take any notice of the score. This was one of the bizzarest chocolate products I think I have ever reviewed for the site - it was certainly an experience put it that way! The novelty and fun factor behind the product is simply unquestionable, I haven't seen anything like it before. In regards to the actual chocolate content and satisfaction delivery - well if you are after a whisky fuelled dosage of chocolate it delivers that in abundance, even if the method is somewhat odd. I don't feel that comfortable recommending syringes filled with brown liquid on this website :D but give this a try if you see one. Its an experience like no other.

7.0 out of 10